18 November 2019 (Monday) - Rostered Day Off

I did have another early night last night. I slept like a log until I was licked awake at quarter past eight by one of my favourite ladies. It was a shame that the licks were dog food flavoured, but you can’t have everything.

I came downstairs to find "er indoors TM" on the phone. She hurt her foot a while back. It hasn’t got any better, and so a visit to the doc would be in order. She had phoned them at one second to eight to find the place closed. She re-dialed, and in that short time they had turned on the phones and she was twenty-third in the queue. By the time I’d got up she was down to sixteenth in the queue. I was reminded of my old GP in Hastings. He had appointments in the afternoons and evenings, but in the morning you just turned up before eight o’clock. On the stroke of eight o’clock the doors were opened, everyone walked in, and the doors were closed. He would then spend the morning dealing with everyone who’d walked in at eight o’clock.
And they try to make cuts to the NHS budget…

I made toast and had a look at the Internet. There was a lot of talk about last night’s broadcast of the BBC’s remake of the classic “War of the Worlds”; most of it being rather negative. I’ve recorded the show… I expect I shall watch it at some stage. I tried to see more of what had happened on-line but Treacle climbed on to the back of the sofa and dabbed at my head continuously; telling me it was walkies time.

Seeing that a new geocache had gone live I drove out to Rodmersham to see if I might get the First to Find. I was beaten by half an hour.
As I was about to do the secret geo-rituals a land rover pulled up and some bloke asked if he could help me. I said he couldn’t. He demanded to know what I was doing; I told him I was minding my own business on a public right of way. He wasn’t happy with this at all, but he grudgingly accepted my lie that I’d stopped for a tiddle. I suspect that if this bloke carries on watching passers-by, then this cache’s life might not be that long.

We drove on to Kings Wood. I opened the boot to find one or more of the dogs had been sick. There was a lot of dog vom.
We had a good walk; Kings Wood is a good place to walk. However there was a mild frustration. We’d chosen to walk in Kings Wood as one of my geocaches hidden there had a “Needs Maintenance” log on it. The paper log inside was supposedly wet. If I’d found a wet log I’d have replaced it myself, but that’s just me…
As the crow flies, that film pot was a mile from the car park. As the dog wanders, the round trip from the car to the cache and back was probably close on three miles. We got to the geocache to find there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Ho hum…

We came home; I washed the dogs, then washed the last of the dog sick out the back of my car. Over a sandwich I then watched the first episode of the new series of “The Crown” – it has “Gavin” out of “Trollied” playing Harold Wilson.
Seeing the dogs were all snoring I slipped out to do some Christmas shopping. Bearing in mind that "er indoors TM" has got seriously into crafting recently I thought I might visit the craft shop on the road to Faversham to get some pressies for her. We drive past it so often…
I drove the ten-mile journey only to find it doesn’t open on Mondays. But I took a circuitous route home and got a couple of bits and bobs.

I wasn’t home that long before "er indoors TM" came home. She boiled up a rather good bit of gammon and chips and then went bowling. I sorted out the ironing whilst wasthing more of “The Crown” on Netflix.

For a rostered day off, I haven’t stopped…

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