10 November 2019 (Sunday) - Remembrance Day

Another restless night. It is somewhat frustrating that the dogs have come to treat going out into the garden as an opportunity to play silly beggars rather than going to have a tiddle. So having chucked all three out at midnight and again silly o’clock, all three were whinging to go out about an hour earlier than I wanted to get up.
With dogs abluted I made brekkie and peered into the Internet. It would seem I missed Rye bonfire parade last night. Back in the day that was one of the highlights of the year; how did I forget that?

I had a few emails. Someone had been hunting out the geocaches I’d hidden in Kings Wood. One of them apparently needs a new piece of paper in it as the one in there is wet. I’ll sort it at some point, but driving there, walking a couple of miles and driving home means giving up a morning. If only the chap who’d posted the “Needs Maintenance” log had replaced it when he was there… But this is so often the case. Loads of people want to go running out looking for film pots under rocks, and expect them to be there and in pristine condition. Very few people actually want to contribute anything back to the hobby though…

As I rooted round the Internet I listened to Radio Ashford via the Internet, and then cleaned up dog sick. Fudge had “blown”. Mind you, all three were farting impressively (and have been for a day or so). I wonder if they’ve eaten things they shouldn’t.

I got the dogs organised for our morning walk. Rather than going round the park or round Orlestone Woods I had this ambitious idea to go do some geo-maintenance. We drove out to Badlesmere where I replaced two of "er indoors TM"’s geocaches. I did have a plan to walk on and replace another, but there were pheasants everywhere, and three dogs on leads pulling me in all directions wasn’t doing anything for the back I’d strained yesterday.
I thought I might go sort out that cache in Kings Wood about which I’d had a grumble, but we got there to find that the car park was full. So we headed home.
As we drove the radio was broadcasting the remembrance parade live from the Cenotaph. It sounded as though this year’s parade had been quite a show. It was amazing how the radio made me feel as though I was there when I could only hear the commentary.

We came home, and I assembled the lawnmower. There wasn’t much to assemble, but it took half an hour. And with it together I had a practice run up the garden. Just a very short stretch. With the lawn saturated I didn’t want to churn it up, but I wanted to check that the thing worked.
It did.

I then drove over to Margate to see my little girl, and four hours later came home again. I didn’t want to leave the dogs alone in case any fireworks went off near home. Some did. Not many, but enough to upset the hounds.
When I was a lad, fireworks were pretty. They lit up the darkness and were something to look at. Nowadays it is all about the explosion. If I knew who it was who was setting off such loud detonations so close to home I would put a banger through their letterbox at three in the morning. I really would…

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