17 November 2019 (Sunday) - Lazy Day

I often talk of having an early night; I actually did so last night. Apart from a couple of trips to the loo I slept for eleven hours. It has been a stressful week.
I got up leaving "er indoors TM" and the dogs asleep, had my morning ablutions and made some toast. Fudge helped me with the crusts as I peered into the depths of the Internet. For once people had posted photos of what they’d been doing.
Some friends had been canoeing in Larkfield swimming pool. We really should get our canoe out… though maybe leave it until spring.
There had been a geo-meet yesterday afternoon – what with one thing and another I’d forgotten all about it.
A friend’s band had been playing in Ashford – I’ve not seen him in years and I’d forgotten about that too.
I saw quite a few adverts for Lego sets on some of the Lego-related Facebook groups that I follow. Lego is rather expensive; the stuff that I like (from the 1970s) particularly so. The vintage Lego Facebook pages can be quite comical. Those selling the stuff want a fortune for it. Those buying want it at bargain basement prices. And (seemingly) never the two shall meet.
I looked at a few sets I quite fancied, and can’t help but think that I could probably make something very similar out of my spares.

We took the dogs out for a little walk round the park. "er indoors TM" wanted to do some Munzee maintenance. The walk went well… Pogo was puzzling. We’ve been watching that “Dog Whisperer” TV show in an attempt to get an insight into what goes through his head. We met two other dogs with whom he was fine until they got too close to Fudge. Fudge didn’t care, but Pogo was being protective. Shortly after he was having a serious shout at a passing dog when another came past. He completely ignored the second dog.
If only I could figure out what goes through his head.

We got home to find that Cliff had popped round. We’ve not seen him for ages; it was good to have a little catch-up.

We then went on to Matalan. I specifically wanted shirts for work. But none of them had a breast pocket. I like a breast pocket as it gives me somewhere to put my phone. Oh well… Whilst I was there I got new slippers, jim-jams and a pair of trousers. Bearing in mind that not many people cater for the more rotund physique, I buy stuff when the opportunity arises.
We came home via the co-op. They do a rather good Belgian bun. Belgian buns and coffee did us for lunch.

I wrote up some CPD until "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" arrived with Sam. He seemed utterly disinterested in me; far more interested in playing the game on Sam’s phone. They all set off on a mission leaving me “Home Alone” with the dogs. I sparked up Netflix and watched (slept through most of) the last episode of “Parade’s End”. I then stayed awake through two episodes of “Green Eggs and Ham” after which "er indoors TM" returned.

She’s now boiling up dinner, I’m sitting in front of the telly in my new jim-jams and slippers. Despite an incredibly lazy day I’m wondering about having another early night…

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