7 October 2019 (Monday) - Still Feeling Rough

I woke after eight hours sleep. That’s not too shabby at all.
Over toast I peered into the Internet as I do most mornings. Not much had changed overnight really which was probably for the best. Bickering about Brexit continued which is getting rather tiresome. Apparently the latest scare story is that a no-deal Brexit will give rise to a lot more dogging in Kent. But other than that, there wasn’t a lot of note. There were a few people posting on Facebook this morning, but quite a bit of what I read was frankly incomprehensible. Is it *really* unreasonable to expect people to re-read what they’ve written to check that they aren’t transmitting utter gibberish to the world?
I saw an advert for the Kent geocaching meet that is taking place this Saturday. Again it is in a place which isn’t open to dogs. Do we walk the pups, then bring them home and drive forty minutes to arrive late, or leave the dogs at home all day? With *so* many dog-friendly venues available in the county I’m getting a tad paranoid. Am I being deliberately excluded? But, on reflection, why is the meet taking place all afternoon? Why not have the meet in the evening *after* everyone has actually been out doing the hobby instead of during the time when people would want to be doing it?
Geocaching locally seems to be dividing into three camps; those that do it, those that meet up to talk about it, and those who post on-line about it but don’t actually do it.

I got the leads on to the dogs, and we went for a little walk. We did final testing of my new Wherigo, and hid the five new geocaches. As we walked I had an email on my phone. A new Wherigo had gone live only ten miles away. But on closer inspection it was yet another re-hash of the generic one that everyone seems to copy. I don’t think that there are many people who actually write their own ones like I do. I wish more people would make the effort.
As we walked we met a mother and toddler. Toddler wanted to stroke the dogs, and as she fussed the hounds she told me all about them. Apparently Fudge likes to go for walks, and Treacle likes to do great big poos. I laughed, but the mother was mortified.

By the time I got home I was really hot and sweaty. I thought having two weeks sick leave was going to be a good skive; I wasn’t planning on being ill for it.
Feeling iffy, I sat down and did the admin for my Wherigo project, then played Lego. A month ago I’d bought a Lego set on eBay and thought that it might fill a morning when I was convalescent. I had this idea that I might build it slowly, photograph each stage and make a little video of it. As a first attempt at a stop-motion video it wasn’t too bad I suppose. It took about an hour or so to make, and the video I made plays in less than a minute. To be honest I could have made the car in a fraction of the time had I not needed to keep popping to my Lego store to get spare parts. Am I being unfair in expecting that when I buy a Lego set from eBay, it should be complete? When the thing was finally together there was a *lot* of bits left over, but there’s no point in chucking in all sorts of spares if you don’t include the actual parts that you need.
Just as I put the little video onto You-Tube my phone went mad. The geo-feds had published the Wherigo project I’d been working on for most of last week. That was quick of them.

I got myself a sandwich and scoffed it whilst watching new episodes of “Big Mouth”, then drove the dogs over to the garage. My car is due for fixing tomorrow. We walked home past two of my geocaches with which problems had been reported; I sorted the problems (one way or another), and just as we were half-way home so the rain started. We didn’t get *that* wet.
Not having learned from this morning, I was again incredibly hot and sweaty when we got home. But illness notwithstanding I got the ironing board out and ironed whilst watching two episodes of “War and Peace” which was available on Netflilx. I could remember enjoying it when it was on telly three years ago, so I had had a look to see if it was on Netflix. It came up as a “seventy-four percent match for War and Peace”.
So if “War and Peace” is a “seventy-four percent match for War and Peace”, I’m intrigued as to what a one hundred per cent match would be.

"er indoors TM" came home and boiled up some iffy chicken then went bowling. I watched another episode of “War and Peace”. As I watched my phone beeped. Hunters of Tupperware had found the Wherigos I’d hidden earlier today.
I then had a look at the geo-map. This Wherigo project that I finished today was supposed to have kept me occupied for the entirety of my time off sick. I’ve still got a week to go. I wonder if I’ve time to create another set of Wherigos somewhere?

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