31 October 2019 (Thursday) - Hallowe'en

I didn’t have a good night; when the dogs are restless, no one sleeps well.
Once I’d hosed out my sinuses (yuk!) I sat down with my lap-top. After a couple of minutes I realised that I wasn’t peering at it with one eye shut. It was still rather blurry using two eyes, but I could see it with two eyes which is an improvement on the last few days.
As I peered into the Internet Pogo scrounged shamelessly. I wish he wouldn’t, but he is such a greedy dog.
As always I found something to boil my piss on Facebook. A few people who spend all year long pretending to be new-age witches were now taking umbrage at children enjoying Hallowe’en.
I did have a load of “found it” logs on my geocaches in Kings Wood. Someone had been out two days ago and had found the lot. They were gushing with praise for what I had done. But (yet again) here was someone who clearly gets a lot from geocaching whilst contributing nothing. Over a thousand finds and not a single hide.

I took the dogs for a walk. As we went I amused myself by reading the signs attached to lamp posts (mainly because I could!)
We had a good walk; no episodes at all.
With walk walked I fiddled about with Lego for a bit. A little while ago I made up the Lego beach house; today I made a beach to go with it.

I then popped down the road. For a change I thought I might get lunch from the bakery. I’d not been there for a while, and now I remember why. It attracts the “special” element. When I arrived there were a bunch in yellow hi-vis jackets trying to work out what cake they wanted. The nice lady behind the counter was naming every cake they had, and it was only when the cake was named that the “special” people knew whether they liked it or not. Am I being harsh in wondering that they might have had more of an idea had they not been stinking of “herbal cigarettes”?

I got myself a ham roll, and as I scoffed it I watched “Snatch” on Netflix. An excellent film – I’ve seen it so many times. Can you believe it is nearly twenty years old?
When it finished I didn’t want to disturb the herd of sleeping dogs which had made themselves comfortable on me, so I watched another film that Netflix had recommended for me. “The Guvnors” was utter tripe. It was during this that Fudge was sick. He’s been farting quite impressively all afternoon, and I think he might have eaten something disgusting up the park this morning. Still… better out than in, eh?

I activated the pumpkin candle light thingy and put it in the window to let the local littluns know that trick or treaters were welcome. After two hours the doorbell rang.
Over the evening we had half a dozen groups of trick-or-treaters. The kids seemed to be enjoying themselves… I rather hoped we would have had more…

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