27 October 2019 (Sunday) - Pegwell Bay, Mowing the Lawn

The clocks went back last night and so I had the chance of an extra hour in my pit… I got up at half past seven as I was wide awake anyway.
As I scoffed toast, Fudge sat with me. I had my usual morning rummage round Facebook. Not much had happened overnight. To be honest it looked as though when it rained yesterday everyone had a rummage in their shed to see what they might find to sell. This morning my Facebook feed was heaving with silly little things for sale; all under five pounds in price and not one worth having.

I had a flurry of emails this morning. There were fifteen new geocaches within an hour’s drive of home. Mind you some of these made me laugh. Some of them were extending an existing series. For some reason the geo-feds have allowed the creation of geocaches #12 - #16 of a series whilst having disabled #1 of the same series for want of maintenance.

With a little time on my hands this morning I went out into the garden and mowed the lawn. Well…I say “mowed the lawn”; “scalped it” would be a more accurate description. The lawn hasn’t been mowed for some time, and if it didn’t get done today I don’t know when I would have a chance.
It was probably too wet to be mowed, but it had to be done. As I mowed, in my mind I could hear the rants of our ex-neighbour (the looney one) who used to get incredibly angry when I mowed the lawn when it was wet. There were several times when he formally ordered me to stop mowing the lawn because it was too wet. With a face as red as beetroot he would scream at me that it was he who has to look at that lawn.
I wonder whatever happened to him? The police refuse to tell me. I suspect he’s in a secure mental hospital somewhere.

We then took the dogs round the park for a little walk. We had a couple of minor episodes with other dogs as we went, but nothing serious. Dogs do that, and anyone who understands dogs realises that. As we walked we met OrangeHead with her posse, and exchanged pleasantries. There were no episodes with Orangehead; Pogo seems to respect her, as well he might.

Once home the dogs soon settled, and leaving them asleep we drove out to Margate to visit "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM". Littlun then took me all round their shop showing me the cake and sweets and toys.
We then took "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" out to lunch. I suggested McDonalds, and he readily agreed. For all that I have something of a reputation of being a McDonalds aficionado, I don’t think I’ve had McLunch for months. I had some swiss cheese burger thingy which was rather tasty (if rather tiny). S.B.O.D. had a Happy Meal with chicken McNuggets and chips and a strawberry milkshake. He didn’t really eat much of it, and seemed to get more enjoyment from putting its constituent parts into the correct recycling bins. But we did have fun with the McHallowe’en app. We got some photos from that.
From McDonalds we went on to the Viking Longship at Pegwell Bay. We thought he might be interested in it, and we thought we might do the virtual geocache that was there.
He wasn’t, we did.

We delivered "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" home, and came home ourselves. Having scalped the lawn earlier I then scalped it a second time. I was planning on a third mowing, but by the time I’d mowed and raked up, my back was aching somewhat. Instead I tidied up and had a look at the Munzee app. "er indoors TM" had taken the dogs for a walk and had said she was going to put out some munzees.
She had. I got First to Find on one of them. But only one; I left the rest for others.
Have you ever played Munzee? If not, I wouldn’t bother. It’s a bit like looking for film pots under rocks, but with no film pots and no rocks.

I then spent a little while looking at the household accounts. As always I accounted for every penny I spent in the last month, and found that I’m not poor, just nowhere near as rich as I would like to be. Mind you I will share one little snippet of my regular monthly expenses…
Each month I spend eight pounds ninety-nine pence on Netflix and thirteen pounds twenty pence on the TV licence (BBC). One I can cancel at any time. One I am legally obliged to pay all the time I have a television…

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner. We scoffed it whilst watching “Tattoo Fixers” and whilst trying to work out which dog has got the stinkiest bum. I think they eat all sorts of foul stuff when we are out. Must keep an eye on that…

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