29 October 2019 (Tuesday) - Twisted Specs

I slept well. I went to the loo at three o’clock and when I headed back to bed so Fudge came out of his basket and stood at the bottom of the stairs. He looked at me as he does when he wants to be carried up to sleep on the bed. I went to pick him up and he ran back to his basket and settled himself.
When I got to the top of the stairs I turned round and saw him standing at the bottom of the stairs looking rather plaintive. So I went to fetch him, and he ran back to his basket.
We carried on like this for ten minutes before I gave up and went back to bed.

Over brekkie I had a one-eyed look at the Internet. Yesterday I’d posted a photo on Facebook saying why I was feeling sorry for myself. I was rather flattered to see it had attracted quite a bit of “likes” and comments.
Someone with whom I used to work was bemoaning how fat she thought she was. Perhaps she *does* think she’s fat, but she isn’t. As a life-long porker I get rather wound up by people who are (at best) a few pounds overweight who grumble about how obese they are. Unless I am on a diet which leaves me constantly hungry, I am always a few stones overweight.

I took the dogs for a walk. Eyesight which was decidedly iffy indoors was much better outside. As we walked I had the Munzee app open on my phone (I could see it with one eye closed). On Sunday "er indoors TM" had put some Munzees along our usual dog walk. At the time I got “First to Munz” on one and had left the rest for others. Seeing how a couple of days had passed and no one else had been near, I claimed “First to Munz” on a few more.
As we walked we had an “episode”. We met another dog walker in the Chinese garden who went hysterical because my dogs wanted to play. She couldn’t understand why my dogs couldn’t completely ignore her dog like people ignore each other… doesn’t that totally sum up all that is wrong in our world?

Having settled the dogs I walked up to the town. Bearing in mind my iffy vision I’d made an appointment at the optician. I’d picked up new glasses a couple of weeks ago and (to be honest) hadn’t been happy with them. At the time I’d been told that my prescription had changed quite a lot and I’d thought that it was the strain of new glasses that was making me unhappy with the things.
The moment I sat down, the optician commented that my glasses weren’t sitting right. She took them and mauled them about so that they fitted my head better. Thinking back, when I picked them up I’d just put them on, said they seemed OK, and off I went.
The trouble is that my ears aren’t level. One is a good half an inch higher than the other. Consequently my glasses weren’t sitting right; one eye had been looking through the distance vision bit and the other had been looking through the varifocal bit. And so all had gone to cock. Hopefully after a day or so things should go back to how they once were.

I came home via a couple more of "er indoors TM"’s Munzees. The GPS was somewhat out on them. Massively out, but that’s the Munzee app for you. The GPS has never been good.
Just as I got home my phone rang. It was the hospital trying to arrange a date for my nasal surgery (yes – that operation I had four weeks ago). This is the second call I’ve had since the operation trying to arrange it.
I explained that I’d had the surgery and tried to suggest to the woman on the phone that there was something wrong with their system which allows this to happen. To say that she was utterly disinterested would be an understatement. She didn’t actually say the words “I couldn’t give a shit” but that was certainly her sentiment. So I put in a formal complaint. As I said in my email “The ENT people are doing an excellent job but are being sadly let down by the team which arranges their schedule”.

I scoffed a sandwich, then got on with the ironing. As I ironing I watched a film. Because I’d watched “Pride and Prejudice”, Netflix had suggested that I might like the film “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”. I thought it was going to be a period costume drama.
It wasn’t.
It was a tad saucy.
So I watched more “Daybreak” instead.

"er indoors TM" is boiling up dinner… the bottle of plonk has been uncorked… it’s the “Bake-Off” final soon… I hope I will be able to see it…

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