4 October 2019 (Friday) - Wedding Anniversary

I slept for nine hours last night. I must be ill. I got up feeling relatively alive, and thought I might spoil everything by washing out my sinuses. But I had a theory; a little less salt in the washing solution made for a much less nasty experience. I shall bear that in mind.
Over brekkie I peered into the Internet. It was much as it has been. A minor squabble was kicking off about the “shared space” area in town which cars and pedestrians can both use at the same time. Obviously when walking in the area one does run the risk of being run over by a car. However if the relevant authority declares that this is officially “safe”, then “safe” it is, and no amount of complaining and protesting will ever achieve anything.

Despite not feeling on top form I took the dogs out. We walked past some of the places which I shall be using as final locations in my Wherigo project, and I took some photos of exactly where the geocaches of the Wherigo will be hidden. In my newest Wherigos I’ve taken to giving a photo of the final location as well as GPS co-ordinates to try to help people get to where they are supposed to be.
People tend to get a tad precious over GPS co-ordinates. Despite it being pretty much impossible to get any two location-measuring devices to agree within five metres, everyone is insistent that their personal gizmo is spot on, and everyone else’s is rubbish. So, as well as giving GPS numbers, I’ve taken to putting a picture as well. There are those who are saying that in doing so I’m making it too easy. Ironically it is the very people who quibble about the co-ordinates being inaccurate who don’t like the spoiler photos. Ho-hum…
As we walked through the park the dogs chased a squirrel. The squirrel ran, and jumped on a bench where it stopped (obviously feeling it had eluded canine pursuit). Its face was a picture when Treacle jumped onto the bench too.

We came home to find next door in our garden. They are having trouble with their drains and had the nice man from Southern Water sending an aquatic camera down in amongst the turds. Apparently something has collapsed in their drain and there is now a load of rats and shingle down there (in with the turds).
I can remember when (four sets of neighbours ago) their extension was built and I was dubious as to whether they’d be able to access their drains.

As next door and Southern Water played poo-submarines, I came over very hot and felt quite ill. But then, that’s what being on sick leave is all about, isn’t it?
So I sat and carried on writing Wherigo. I incorporated a running bit into the maze. Given a certain time to get between two points judges whether or not you win that part of the game. The running bit is about thirty seconds; the coding took two hours to write.
I got myself a sandwich, and watched an episode of “Pride and Prejudice” before spending the afternoon writing a virtual metal detector. I think I got myself convoluted in layers of programming as I certainly made hard work of it. Having eventually sorted it out I watched more “Pride and Prejudice” (in which Mr Wykeham acted in a most egregious manner) before writing out a virtual general knowledge quiz in just over an hour.

"er indoors TM" is boiling up dinner. It’s our wedding anniversary today…

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