28 October 2019 (Monday) - Seeing Double

I slept well; over brekkie I watched the last episode of “Inside No 9” which featured Nigel Planer. I’ve not seen him in much on telly recently.
I then had a look at Facebook. Those who would have me believe they are far poorer that the bulk of humanity were transmitting to the world from their current holiday which is in in the Sierra Nevada.  And there was a petty squabble kicking off on one of the Lego Facebook groups I follow. Having asked how to clean up Lego bricks *without* using hydrogen peroxide, the world and his wife was posting the best concentrations for using hydrogen peroxide.
I had a few emails; people have been adding “favourite points” to my latest Wherigos (which is rather good). And I had an email from LinkedIn. There is a chap on my LinkedIn list… forty years ago we were best friends. When I last saw him (in 1995) he treated me like I was the sh*t on his shoe. He’s now the Managing Director and Global Head of Cloud Business Office at some company or other, and was advertising for a “Senior Enterprise Security Architect”. What does that even mean? Perhaps if I knew that he might still talk to me.
Mind you, looking at his LinkedIn profile he would seem to have dyed his hair a *very* unconvincing colour…

Rather than going to work today, I walked down the road to the doctor’s. As I drove home from work on Saturday night my eyes weren’t right. Yesterday as "er indoors TM" drove us to Margate, for each car that I could see in the opposite carriageway, I I could see an identical one coming head-on toward us. I could see two of each bridge that we drive under too. This double vision came and went yesterday, but this morning my vision was decidedly blurry. If I close one eye, then the vision in the other eye is fine (bearing in mind my right eye had never worked properly). But the two don’t seem to be working together as they used to.
The doc thinks I’ve possibly somehow strained a muscle, and has put me in for an urgent referral to the hospital. Because I’m struggling to see a computer screen (typing this I’ve cranked the font size right up) the doc has signed me off work until next week.

I came home, and took the dogs round the park. As we walked my vision wasn’t that bad, In fact it was much the same as it usually is. We had a good walk, and the dogs completely ignored the looney who was singing to the fountain.
With walk walked I thought I might spend a few minutes rummaging in my Lego spares. A little while ago I bought a red Lego Cadillac from eBay, and saw that someone had made a blue version from their spares box. I wondered if I might do the same, so I had a rummage. It looked like I had the right bits, and I and came up with a fair approximation of what I was after.
As I was playing Lego so Treacle came and sat with me. Good girl!

Ironically my eyes were fine when playing Lego but they played up quite a bit when I tried to watch telly as I scoffed some lunch. My eyes improved so that I could mow the lawn, but again were problematical as I tried to watch “Daybreak”; the latest thing on Netflix.

"er indoors TM" came home, boiled up a rather good bit of dinner, then went bowling. I ironed a few shirts without any problems, then tried to watch telly and gave myself a headache…

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