15 September 2019 (Sunday) - Another Early Shift

Having had a glass or two of wine last night I slept like a log. I woke to find "er indoors TM" and the dogs were still out for the count.
Over brekkie I watched another episode of "Inside No.9" and found myself thinking; what *would* you do if you realised that you'd killed the wrong person?

I sparked up my lap-top and had a look at the Internet. Using super-human restraint I didn't kick off on a squabble but... Recently on one of the geocaching pages someone had given notice that they intended to archive one of their series of geocaches and replace it with a new one. I said that I felt this was a good thing to do as (realistically) after eighteen months, most people would have done any geo-series in Kent. Another local hunter of Tupperware disagreed, and said that his series of caches was still being regularly found many years after it had been put out. I had a little look at the geo-website. That person's oldest series has only attracted two visits this year. Some of their other old series are equally rarely walked, and quite a few of their caches on the older series would seem to have disappeared. Some of these are up for resuscitation having not been found in over a year. 
Why not archive and replace and give everyone a new walk to do? I drafted a reply and deleted it.

Taking care to let sleeping dogs lie (this time literally rather than metaphorically) I got dressed and set off for work. As I drove the pundits on the radio were broadcasting from a whisky distillery in Ireland. I wish I knew why whisky was so popular; it tastes horrible. it is my ambition to find a brand of whisky that tastes better than "vile".
There was also talk about ex Prime Minister David Cameron's recently released memoirs in which he has been somewhat vicious to the current Prime Minister. Those on the radio seem to have overlooked the fact that this is what ex Prime Ministers do. Edward Heath knifed Margaret Thatcher in the back several times. Mrs Thatcher could have been a lot more helpful to John Major...

I got to work and did my thing It was a surprisingly busy day. As I worked my phone beeped. A message from the geo-feds. Yesterday they’d told me that one of the locations that I was planning to use in my latest Wherigo was actually in someone’s back garden. Whoops. Yesterday evening we took the dogs out and on our walk I measured those co-ordinates again.
I was told that the new measurements were OK.

With work done I came home. "er indoors TM" had gone to some beano in Hyde Park, so I’d been left “home alone”. I loaded the dogs into the boot of the car (they seem to like being “boot dogs”), we collected "My Boy TM" and the fierce one, and we all went down to Orlestone woods for a little walk. The first fruit on my loin claims he’s never been there before. I think they will go again. We had a good walk and I took a few photos.
As we walked we met some other dogs. Big dogs. Great big dogs. Humungous great big dogs that could have a cart-horse in a fight. Tiny little Rolo (half yorkie-half chihuahua) tried to pick a fight with them. For all that he is tiny, he is very much the top dog in the family wolf-pack. I’d not realised this, but when the dogs are all together, Rolo gets aggressive towards other (non-family) dogs as he tries to protect his pack. Silly thing!

We came home; I got myself a bag of crisps for dinner and watched the first episode of “The i-Land”; a new thing on Netflix. So far it seems to be a cross between “Lord of the Flies” and “Lost”. And with telly watched I put the finishing touches to my latest Wherigo project.
That only took two hours.
I *think* it is now ready to go. The plan is to test it on Tuesday…
I wonder if I will actually do so?

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