12 September 2019 (Thursday) - Yus M'Lady

Over brekkie I watched another episode of “Inside No.9”. It passed half an hour I suppose.
I sparked up my lap-top. Nothing much had happened on Facebook at all overnight, but I did see that the Gerry Anderson fan page I follow was advertising a bargain. You can now pre-order a 1:6 scale model of “Parker” (Lady Penelope’s manservant from “Thunderbirds). The manufacturers are taking orders and a deposit of “only” thirty pounds secures you one. Thirty pounds? I had a look at the website. They want two hundred quid for the actual thing. Apparently this is a limited edition… limited to as many as they can sell perhaps? It never fails to amaze me how people will pay good money for this sort of thing.
I had a look at my emails. A new geocache had gone live overnight. It wasn’t at all far from where I work when I am working in Maidstone; such a shame I’m in at Pembury this week.

I drove to work through a rather bright morning. It was far too beautiful a day to be listening to all the doom and gloom on the radio. The pundits on the radio were talking about "Operation Yellowhammer"; the government's worst-case disaster planning in case Brexit goes seriously tits-up. On the one hand it all seems rather worrying. On the other hand it is as well that some plans are being made.
They then wheeled on the Labour party's deputy leader who tried to savage the government for all the horror stories that are circulating about the Brexit planning, but the chap refused point-blank to say what the Labour party's stance on Brexit actually is. The implication was that they didn't have one.

There was also a lot of talk about how prosecutions for rape are going through the roof, but convictions for rape are at an all-time low. Are the guilty getting off? Are the innocent being charged? I don't know.​

I got to work. I did chuckle when a colleague had to suddenly take an hour or two off. A minor family emergency. Having thought her son had run away from school it turned out that he hadn’t run away at all. The boy had had enough of the place and had announced that he had now left school. He’s only nine years old. I think the most recent fruit of my loins once tried the same trick.

Once home we took the dogs for a little walk, then "er indoors TM" went off to craft club. I shall do some more Wherigo programming… in a little while…

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