11 September 2019 (Wednesday) - It Didn't Rain (Much)

I forgot to set the dishwasher going last night. There was a minor disaster this morning when the thing didn’t work. Eventually it turned out that "er indoors TM" had inadvertently pulled the thing’s plug when rummaging in the cupboard for a sponge. I didn’t like to ask what she wanted a sponge for.

As I scoffed my toast I peered into the Internet. There was quite a lot of posts on Facebook about remembering the 9-11 bombings that took place in America eighteen years ago. Mind you none of my American friends had posted anything on the matter; it was all from people who’d never been near the place for years.
I had some emails. Amazon were recommending that I buy that which I bought from them last weekend. I also saw that my new series of Wherigos had been visited five times over the last day or so. I was pleased about that. Those who hunt film pots either love or hate Wherigos; I’m pleased these ones seem to be popular. I might just make some more along similar lines.

I took the dogs for a little walk. We went round Viccie park – we hadn’t been there for a little while. As we walked we saw the nice ladies of the Jehovah’s Witnesses sheltering from the drizzle under a tree. It was good to see they were covering their charms. Far more in keeping with ladies of an ecclesiastical calling.
As we walked we only met a couple of other dogs. There were no “episodes”. Everyone played nicely. Much as I miss having Pogo with us, not having him along makes for much easier walks.
And as we walked out of the co-op field we saw OrangeHead in the distance. She waved nicely at us.

As we walked home my phone rang. It was the local hospital with a date for my nasal surgery. Having been waiting since January 2017 to get a date and not having phone calls returned, last Friday I put in a formal complaint. Amazing what a formal complaint achieves… I’ve been booked in for the op in just under three weeks’ time.
I immediately emailed the boss to see if that would be OK with work. She replied right away saying that it would be fine, and that she would arrange to cover the late shifts and night shifts…
I make a point of not blogging about work. I did so when I used to work “somewhere else” and got a formal disciplinary warning for saying that working all night made me tired. I won’t say very much about my current place of work only to mention that I wish I’d moved to work there years go. My previous boss wouldn’t have been anywhere near so co-operative.

The plan for today had been to go fishing. But with rain forecast, "My Boy TM" and I decided we didn’t want to get wet. So we drove out to The Foundry for a rather good bit of brekkie.
We came home via the tackle shop just for a look-see. I only spent forty quid, so I suppose that wasn’t bad. When I was a lad I used to finance my fishing from my pocket money. You couldn’t do that these days.

I came home, and set about working on my latest Wherigo project. This one is a re-hash of something I’ve done before. I created about five minutes of game play and it took pretty much all of the afternoon except when I slipped out to the vets with Fudge.
For some time the vet has been telling me that Fudge is overweight. He’s not overweight now. He’s lost quite a bit of weight over the last few months. I have no idea why; He seems fine; he’s just a shadow of his former self. The vet gave him the once over and could find nothing wrong. She recommended that we did blood tests to check kidney and liver function. I readily agreed; after all that is something with which I have a passing acquaintance.

As I got to the point of having done six hours Wherigo programming (and my head was about to explode) I had a message. A fellow Tupperware-hunter from Cambridge was planning to come to Ashford to play the Wherigos that I’ve written. There’s incentive to get more ones done.

"er indoors TM" flew in, grabbed some stuff, and flew out again leaving me “home alone”. I was still feeling rather full from that full English brekkie that I’d eaten this morning so I popped over the road for some crisps and a pot of dip for dinner.

The plan for today had been to go fishing but we cancelled because of the weather forecast. It didn’t rain that much today really…

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