29 June 2019 (Saturday) - Hot !!

I was out like a light when my alarm went off this morning. I woke to find that Fudge had spent the night upstairs on the bed. That was unlike him. It is odd that when only Pogo and Treacle come up there isn't room to swing a cat (or dog) but when all three hounds spend the night on the bed, I manage a good night's sleep.

Over a bowl of the granola that I bought yesterday I watched another episode of "Good Girls", then set off to work.

As I drove, “Farmer's World" was talking about the decline of curlews in the British countryside. I don't think I've ever seen a curlew. From what I heard on the radio it seems unlikely that I ever will.
Much of the morning's news was from the summit meeting in Japan where the world's leaders have got together for a bit of a conflab. Teresa May was telling off the Russian and Saudi leaders; seemingly oblivious to the fact that she is a spent force. Donald Trump *wasn't* being a total idiot (much to the amazement of all commentators).
From what I could work out there was a lot of hot air generated, but not much else.

I got to work and did my thing on what was a busy day. And it was only when I was done that I appreciated the air conditioning at work. Whilst I worked I’d been comfortable. When I came out it was *hot*.
I came home via Aldi (I needed to get some beer); I did laugh. As I queued at the tills a small boy was prancing about blundering into everyone and everything. After a few minutes of this some bloke dragged the child over to the area by the windows where there was a lot more space. “If you must be a f…ing retard, do it here” the chap loudly announced. I don’t think the child was one of his; mind you there didn’t seem to be anyone else supervising the wannabe ballerina.

I came home, and said goodbye to "er indoors TM" who was off to the cinema with Cheryl. I then had a look at Facebook. A friend was posting from hospital having had “a diagnostic procedure”. Some people have “a diagnostic procedure”: I have “a camera up the arse”… Perhaps I might be better off being the sort of person who has “a diagnostic procedure”?

I drove round to "My Boy TM". We sat in the garden putting the world to rights until Cheryl and "er indoors TM" returned from the cinema. We then scoffed ourselves silly on barbecue stuff before spending far too long in the hot tub. It was a good way to spend the evening… a shame something’s given me the farts…

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