12 June 2019 (Wednesday) - Mud Baths and Turtles

Unusually everyone was up promptly this morning and was breakfasted without delay. We all had a coach to catch. We were going on a little trip.
We assembled outside the hotel’s gate and were soon about the coach of “Basket Travel”. Our tour guide Deniz told us all about Turkey and the area and how the locals lived. Everything sounded to be so cheap, but he did gloss over how low the local income was too. I suppose that everything is relative.

After only fifteen minutes we were in the town of Dalyan where the coach parked, and we took a two-minute walk to the river where we all boarded boats. Our party was all together on boat 101. Not all of our group had gone on the outing, but there was about twenty of us along for the day. More than enough to outnumber the half-dozen normal people who were on the boat with us.
We sailed up the Dalyan river through some rather beautiful scenery, and after half an hour or so we moored up at the mud baths.

One of my very few regrets of the holiday was that I didn’t get photos at the mud baths. But being caked in mud didn’t really lend itself to camera-brandishing.
On arrival at the mud baths we stripped down to swimmies and flip-flops, and waded in to the mud pool. We then smothered ourselves in mud, and once completely covered, we got out and stood in the blazing sunshine until the mud dried. We then showered it off, and had a soak in a bath fed from the sulphurous volcanic spring. It did stink!
Just as we got back into the boat I quickly looked at the geo-map. Would you believe our boat was moored not five yards from a geocache!

We sailed back down the river to the Saeran restaurant. We moored on their jetty and had a rather good bit of dinner. The highlight of the dinner for some of our party was watching the local cats chasing a frog, but for me the best part was seeing the waiter drop a tray of dinners. I hope I didn’t actually cheer.
As we ate we looked across the river at the Lycean tombs carved into the sides of the cliffs overlooking the river. They are over two thousand years old, and were rather spectacular.

From the restaurant we sailed down the river to a crab farm where we looked at some rather aggressive crabs in a tank, and (having failed to find the geocache not twenty yards away) we piled back on to the boat and sailed down the river to the coast and ─░ztuzu Beach. We moored up, and had two hours to do as we wanted. I spent twenty minutes hunting out the three geocaches that were there and had an ice cream before joining the rest of our gang. While some of our number sunbathed, others of us bobbed about in the rather large waves washing in from the Mediterranean.
It was at this point that I was inadvertently kicked in the balls by a passing German swimmer.

With half an hour to go we walked out onto the jetty. We’d bought some crab meat at the crab farm as our tour guide had told us that the turtles liked it. We were told that if we stood on the jetty and threw scraps of crab meat into the water we’d attract turtles. We attracted fish. Lots of fish. And seagulls. And suddenly there were turtles.
I was expecting to see creatures which were about the size of dinner plates. These turtles were about the size of dinner tables. They were “huge*.

With about five minutes before we had to leave, the heavens opened. All afternoon we’d been watching the storms rumbling in the hills around us, and when the rain started, it started with a vengeance. It was at this point that the boat’s rain covers were pulled down (I’d not noticed them before), and we sailed back to the coach singing a medley of various songs.

We got back to the coach; it was only a short drive back to the hotel where we were again dropped at the gate. *Not* the entrance... As we’d driven back, Deniz had told us that the coach wasn’t allowed through the hotel gate as the hotel management doesn’t like the people who ran today’s excursion. We wondered why. The answer was obvious really. We’d paid twenty pounds each for today’s trip. The hotel themselves run exactly the same outing for forty-six pounds each.

We went back to our rooms, washed off the last of the mud, and went for dinner. As part of today being “trip day” we thought we might miss the hotel’s main dining room and try their a la carte restaurant instead.
I’m glad we tried it, but (in all honesty) the hotel’s main restaurant was far better.

After a busy day, and an even busier one planned for tomorrow we thought an early night might be a good idea. We went to bed just before midnight.

I took quite a few photos today. And there’s even a video in there too.

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