17 June 2019 (Monday) - Busy Day

I had a rather early night last night and slept well despite some rather vivid nightmares. Last night in my dreams I had been given the task of writing an essay entitled “Why the NHS *isn’t* A Load of Old Crap”. If my essay failed to impress the examiner I was going to be sacked, and the examiner was to be none other than Alexei Sayle.
It was with something of a sense of relief that I woke up at six o’clock. Perhaps a tad early, but I’d still had eight hours asleep.

I made some toast, put a load of washing into the washing machine and continued writing diary entries until "er indoors TM" got up. I then hung out laundry, put more in to wash and then took the dogs up to Kings Wood for a walk. I’d had a report that one of the geocaches I’d hidden there was damaged. I’d been told this two weeks ago and had hoped that some kind soul might have replaced it for me in the meantime.
No such luck.
Ironically it is the very one that I replaced less than three weeks ago, and within days somehow the thing had had a large hole bashed into it. Bearing in mind that only one person had visited it before I got the report that it was broken, I’m pretty sure I know where I might assign blame should I wish to stir up the hornet’s nest. But I won’t. As I’ve said before, Kings Wood is a good place to walk the dogs. And we had a rather good walk; even if Fudge did straggle.

We came home. I emptied the washing machine, put in a third load and hung out more washing on the line to dry. I wrote a little more history, then had a sandwich, set the tumble drier to work its magic on my pants and went into the garden. The lawn had grown rather a lot since it was last mowed.
So I harvested the dog turds (I brought in a bumper crop) and then got out the strimmer and the lawn mower. With the lawn being so long I didn’t so much mow it as scalp it. I shall give it another go later in the week.

By the time I’d taken the secateurs to the jungle which had come over the fence from next door I was feeling rather worn out. So I settled down to upload photos and write more diaries whilst all three dogs barked at their own shadows.
I then spent a while fighting with my PayPal account. PayPal had sent me a message saying my payment card was about to expire. The bank had sent me a message saying all was OK and the new card would just take over from the old. I couldn’t find any way to update the thing anyway. We’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks.

"er indoors TM" came home, boiled up some dinner, and went off bowling (as she does). I sparked up the ironing board and ironed through the two final episodes of “Jamestown” (in which Jocelyn’s bosom finally did heave again) and half an episode of “Gentleman Jack” (in which our hero became quite lesbidaceous).
It was just as I finished the last bit of ironing at half past nine when my phone rang.
"Daddy’s Little Angel TM" was rather distraught with earache. I drove over to her and took her up to the hospital where we were seen quite quickly. She was in and out in five minutes and is hopefully now on the mend.

I hadn’t been planning on having quite such a late night tonight.

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