10 June 2019 (Monday) - Pool and Beach

We had something of a better night having figured out how to set the air conditioning. Mind you we would have had an even better night had we not had normal people banging on the door at five o’clock. They’d got the wrong room. Woops!

Brekkie was rather good. I kicked off with a bowl of fruity loops, and then had a medley of pretty much whatever I fancied from the buffet, and then chased it all down with some fruit. (The fruit made it all healthy).
I then wandered down to one of the swimming pools.
It would seem to be something of a tradition at hotels to reserve your sun bed by chucking a towel on it. Our designated towel-chucker had bagged some sun-beds, but not enough for everyone. With about thirty of us in our party, bagging a large enough area would take some doing.
I found our area, grabbed a few more sun-beds, and sat and waited for the troops to assemble.

We’d chosen an area strategically placed equidistant to the pool, the bar, and the lunchtime restaurant. I got myself a lemonade and started on my book of crossword puzzles. Having (arguably) drunk far too much yesterday I’d decided to have a day on the soft drinks. But despite my good intentions I’d had half a dozen Malibu and cokes by the time "er indoors TM" had made her way down. As I was pouring the third (or was it the fourth?) down my neck I watched a little lizard running about the place. “Little” – it was probably about eight inches long.
In between crossword puzzling I helped our team with the general knowledge quiz that was taking place. The poolside entertainment featured a general knowledge quiz every day. The rules were that you weren’t to use mobile phones to access the Internet, but it was done on an “honesty” basis. No one was policing it. We scored fourteen out of twenty on some rather hard questions. Personally I suspect there was some shenanigans going on when the winners claimed to have got seventeen questions right.

We had a rather good dinner, then several of us took a stroll down to the beach. Craig and Chris hired jet-skis and flew around the coast for a while. Then five of us had a go on a UFO.
Have you ever seen the UFOs?
They are huge great inflatable thingies that you sit on whilst a speedboat drags them about. And when I say “sit on”, I actually mean “cling on to for dear life”.  I got on to the thing and sat with everyone else. But I didn’t stay sitting for long. I was soon prostrate with the G-forces, and somehow or other I was sitting on my right hand. Looking back I think I was clinging too tightly with my left hand; it was some hours before I got any sensation back in it, or before I could actually use the arm in any way.
And I managed to burn my feet on the walk back to the pool. The sand on the beach was *hot*!

I made my way back to the pool where I had more drinks and did more crosswords for an hour or so before going back to our room where I did a little laundry. It was so hot that I could swill a shirt in the sink, hang it on the back of a chair on the balcony, and it would be dry in half an hour.

I sat on the balcony bar for a while where I met a rather lonely chap. He seemed very keen to strike up a friendship. I didn’t want to be rude, but there were thirty of us along for a family wedding; I really didn’t want to be picking up any strays.
We had a rather good (mob-handed) dinner, and with dinner scoffer we sat on the balcony bar until everyone eventually wandered off to bed. When there was only "er indoors TM", "My Boy TM" and me left we went down to the bowling alley for a quick ten pins.

Despite there being a lot of “young ‘uns” in our party, they’d all gone to bed. "er indoors TM" and I were last up, and sat on our balcony drinking cocktails until far too late.

For all that today was a rather lazy day, we’d packed a lot in. As you can see from the photos.

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