11 June 2019 (Tuesday) - Turkish Geocaching

Those who know me will realise that (on special occasions) I will look for film pots hidden under rocks. According to the geocaching map there were only four geocaches within two miles of our hotel. Back home I wouldn’t hesitate to go for a little wander to find the lot. But with the heat of the Turkish day being well over thirty degrees Celsius I wasn’t wanting to walk far. So finding myself wide awake just as dawn was breaking I thought I might walk half a mile down the road to see if I couldn’t find the closest one while it was still cool.
"er indoors TM" wasn’t overly keen on the early start, but it had to be done.
Even at quarter to six in the morning it was still hot. We checked out with hotel security who seemed amazed that we were up so early, and it didn’t take long for us to find a little plastic tube stashed in a rock which was only a little way off of the road. Having done the secret geo-rituals (albeit in English rather than in Turkish) we went back to the hotel and back to bed for a couple of hours.

With a party of about thirty (I’m not sure how many of us there were – I kept losing count) it wasn’t really practical to get everyone to do everything together. This morning it was just me and "er indoors TM" for brekkie. Grilled tomatoes, eggs benedict, crepes, omelette and pizza went down very well.
But for all that we’d had a fairly quiet brekkie we soon found quite a few of our group at the pool where I spent the morning alternately doing crossword puzzles and dozing.

I scoffed a chicken salad for lunch, then together with "My Boy TM", "er indoors TM" and I took a taxi to the village. There was another geocache not a hundred yards from the taxi rank. I thought I might go find it…
I eventually found it. It was up a rather steep hill. Some might describe it as a cliff... it was a tad steep. And there wasn’t a path as such. I just scrambled up as best I could. Perhaps flip-flops wasn’t the best footwear for the job? I did tread on a particularly vicious thorn that went straight through my flip-flop and drew blood.

To celebrate the find we went to the bar where we’d been drinking gin the other day. I had an amaretto sour. It wasn’t long before we met up with others in our group. "My Boy TM" and Craig hired quad-bikes and went off on a mission – we later heard that they had been stopped at the airport by the Turkish army.
We went on a little shopping mission with family. It was mostly a good afternoon, but there was one rather irritating episode…
Have you ever been shopping in Turkey? Nothing there has a price. When you ask how much something costs, the shopkeeper asks you to make an offer. He then rudely insults your offer and insists his obviously fake merchandise is worth its weight in gold. You then embark in a rather epic haggling session and end up paying what you offered in the first place.
One haggler got a bit too keen and demanding with us. Turkish shopping takes too much time. Back home you can go into a shop and buy what you want in seconds. You can’t buy anything in less than twenty minutes in Sarigerme.

We came back to the hotel, and I sat by the pool doing crosswords until it got too hot. I was heading back to our room when I met some of our number in the bar. I sat with Elliott for an hour or so drinking cocktails.

We had a rather late dinner today. As always the food selection was amazing, but on the stroke of nine o’clock the entire lot was swept away. How could so much food be moved so quickly?
The ladies and children went off to the resort’s amphitheatre where there was some children’s entertainment going on. Craig (father of two of the children) announced that he was going to do “man shit”. Several of us went to do “man shit” with him, and "er indoors TM" came with us too. In the end it turned out that “man shit” was bowling whilst accompanied by far too much lager.
I’m rubbish at bowling. I just watched.

With bowling bowled we then sat on the balcony bar (a favourite place) drinking brandy until midnight.

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