20 March 2016 (Sunday) - Outwood

I suppose I slept well; there is no denying I would like to have slept longer. After the party last night I was rather late to bed, and today's plans made for an early start. Mind you I'd rather have plans and an early start on a day off; I did spend an inordinate amount of yesterday sitting around waiting for time to pass.

Over brekkie I had a look on-line. I do that most mornings. Not much had happened in the six hours since I had last looked; which was probably for the best. With brekkie devoured we collected Suzy and her associate and again set off for deepest Surrey. There is a series of geocaches in Surrey around the village of Outwood. Whilst there was only (only!) seventeen caches on that route, by starting at cache #10 and taking one or two judicious diversions we were able to increase this up to thirty-six targets.
Twelve of us (and two small dogs) met in the wonderfully-named "Gayhouse Lane" and off we went.

As we walked we heard skylarks and stopped the dogs from seeing rabbits; even if Fudge did disappear down a hole or two. We met sheep who lived in a junk yard. We found plenty of mud, and the first bluebells of the year.
We even found a kiddies rope swing which promptly snapped under my weight.
About three quarters of the way round we found a pub. We sat in the garden and had a pint. Well, most of us had a pint. I had two. You don't see Tanglefoot on the hand pump very often.

Cache-wise the day was mixed. But then we'd chosen a route we'd efffectively made up ourselves so we were rather expecting it to be somewhat variable. Some of the hides were works of genius. Some were twenty yards away from where we were hoping to find them; it did help having a Geo-Genius in our midst.

We started walking at 10am; we got back to Gayhouse Lane at 5.30pm. We'd been out and about for a shade over ten miles.
I surprised myself by staying awake for the drive home. Once home a certain dog had his bath and his tea and went to sleep. He does charge about like a thing possessed on our long walks, but it is all for dramatic effect. When his audience is not about to watch him he sleeps a lot.

As we walked I took a few photos; I put them on-line. We then had a ratther good bit of dinner whilst watching an episode of "Benidorm" then I did the day's geo-admin.
I'm thinking an early night might be a good idea; my left knee *really* hurts and I caught the sun today...

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