2 March 2016 (Wednesday) - A Random Horse

I slept like a log until a certain dog jumped on me in the small hours. He eventually made himself comforable and just as I finally nodded off again he started thrashing about and growling. Did you know that dogs dream too?
Over brekkie I had a look-see on-line. Not a lot had happened overnight really. It rarely does.

Bearing in mind what a grotty day it was yesterday, this morning was beautiful. Yesterday when "My Boy TM" and I were free we had to postpone work in the garden. Today when neither of us were able to do the fencing the weather was ideal for it.
Maybe I could have got the job done as I was on the late shift, but I didn't want to rush the job. It will keep. So as I had a few minutes I took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk round the park.

We went up to the park; as we approached the park gates I realised something was odd; the vehicular access gates were open. They are never open. And then I saw a police car driving slowly down the footpath. And then another police car on another footpath. In all there were (at least) five police cars in the park too say nothing of a couple of dozen police men and women. And then I saw the object of their attention. There was a horse loose in the park. A rather average horse. He had a bridle on a rope on him, so if you could get close enough to him, capturing him would be easy. Several of the police women got close enough to pet and stroke him, but every time they reached for his bridle he ran off.
I stood with quite a large crowd of onlookers watching this spectacle, but after a few minutes it became apparent that the horse wasn't going to be captured any time soon so we came home through Bowens Field.

Horses randomly appear in fields all over Ashford but I've never seen one in Viccie park before. The fields in which they randomly appear are usually secure ones. But for all that there is a gate for vehicles there is nothing at all to keep pedestrians (and horses) in or out of Viccie Park. I can't help but wonder if some felonious micreants had placed the horse there as a distraction to keep the police occupied whilst they perfored some major heist elsewhere.

And so to work. I had planned on visiting "Daddies Little Angel TM" and"Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" but they were in uproar having carpets laid. I thought I'd best steer well clear of that. So (being a geo-calendar day) I set off down the motorway to Junction 11 where there were several potential geo-targets. I hoped that even I should be able to find one of them.

Having got my geo-find for the day I drove up Stone Street to Canterbury. I stopped off at the garden centre on the way; their tea shop does a wonderful coffee and cake and has free Wi-Fi too. I had five minutes to myself whilst checking up on the world of social media.

I then carried on to work. As I drove my car made a rather alarming beep. The low fuel warning. I've not run it so low before; it alarms when it thinks it has less than fifty miles of petrol left. So we filled up at Morrisons, and having half an hour before I needed to be at work I had a look in Go Outdoors. I only intended to browse, but I came out with two pairs of trousers and a jumper. They were something of a bargain.

What with the vagaries of night shifts and weekend working and some days annual leave I've not worked a day shift for several weeks. I'd rather got into the mind-set of doing my own thing at my own pace. Having to work as part of a team came as something of a novelty today.
Shortly after I started work I looked out of the window. What had been glorious sunshine only hours before was now torrential rain. And five minutes after the rain came a brief snowstorm. Bright sunshine soon followed. And then rain again. The day was somewhat changeable to say the least. Probably just as well I was at work today....

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