18 March 2016 (Friday) - Hawkinge, Sheep

I slept well; finally waking shortly before 6am in desperate need of the loo. I tried to go back to sleep afterwards, but I foundd myself laying wide awake fretting about what might be and what might have been. So I got up, had brekkie and nearly choked on it whilst watching this week's installment of "Raised by Wolves". This week Aretha decided to go to school. She chose the best school in the area; rated best as it had acheived the OFSTED target of one chair per pupil. The family then took on a home deliveries round and together almost acheived the efficiency of a single postman.
I do like that show.

I popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we drove down to Hawkinge. He needed his walk, I needed a to find a geocache as it was a calendar day. Earlier in the week I'd asked if anyone fancied coming for a walk with us. Five of us met up. I was expecting six; I wonder what happened to the sixth one?
We did't walk far; just under two miles. We only walked for an hour or so. But it is always good to walk and hunt tupperware with friends even on a day which is as cold as today was.
I took a few photos as we walked. I can't help but feel they would have looked better had the sun been out.

Just as we finished walking my phone rang. "Daddies Little Angel TM" was distraught. From Hawkinge I drove round to see her.
On one of our regular walks we go along a clearly marked public footpath which goes through the South Willesborough and Newton Young Farmer's Club's farm. The animals in this farm can come right up to the fences which border this footpath.
This morning "Daddies Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" were petting the sheep through the fence when one of the sheep butted the littlun. As luck would have it his mum was videoing him at the time. I've seen the footage. On hearing "attacked by a sheep" anyone's immediate reaction would be to laugh, but it was a rather nasty butt; especially when you are only a year old.
He got a bruised cheek and a seriously mangled hand. I say "seriously mangled"; it was puffed up like a balloon and I thought his index finger was broken.
Auntie Fia drove them to the hospital.

Over lunch my piss boiled. Kent Police refused to do anything about the incident. Even though a small child was involved.
I try to be a law-abiding model citizen, but in all honesty I would have more confidence in self-appointed vigilantes than I do in the legally consitiuted local police force. In years gone by I was seriously injured by a kick from a horse which Kent Police refused to investigate. They refused to do anything about the security staff at the Ashford International station who assaulted my son (and the incident was filmed on CCTV). They flatly refused to come out when a family friend's car was smashed open. They arrested "My Boy TM" (and threw him in a cell for eight hours) on the grounds that a crime had happened along the route he walks to work, and when we complained about the arrest we were told (by the police) not to make complaints.
What exactly* is the point of Kent Police?

My mobile rang. Auntie Fia had stayed at the hospital as long as she could, but she had to go. Could I collect them all?
I drove to the hospital; littlun had stopped crying. His hand is (probably) not broken; just badly bruised (I must admit I agree with the decision not to needlessly X-ray) and the swellings on his face will go down with time.
The general consensus was that after his experience he deserved Chicken McNuggets, so we went for some McScoff. I quite lilked my McScoff even if my banana milkshake was a curious shade of green. However "Daddies Little Angel TM" took her pop back to complain. It tasted odd apparently.

We came home; I had vague plans to have been tackling the laundry this afternoon, and with laundry tackled I was going to dust off my C.V. But neither of these things happened. By the time I'd done the geo-admin from the morning's walk and put the photos on-line the afternoon was all but done.

I found myself asleep in front of the telly when "er indoors TM" came home with curry. It was good. Far better than the episode of "The Aliens" we watched as we scoffed...

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