19 March 2016 (Saturday) - Busy Day

I slept well, but woke feeling like death warmed up. I wondered if I was sickening for something? But (as ever) when not feeling quite on top form I have two choices; I can get on with life or I can sulk. So I got on with life. Or brekkie (to be precise).

"er indoors TM" took her car for its MOT; I drove round to collect her. having sat outside the wrong garage for ten minutes I then drove to the right one.
Whilst the garage did their thing we came home. "er indoors TM" had a bit of a tidy up whilst I fiddled about with the astro club's accounts. I had quite a bit of cash to pay into the bank, and some bills to pay. Rather then mucking about walking to the bank and then getting cheques signed I thought I'd pay our creditors in cash. It is suprising how soon I ran out of that cash... I then messed about on-line until mid-day.

Being a geo-calendar we took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk. I'd seen three caches on the map in the general vicinity of Harrietsham that looked like they might make a good walk. They did; however they were somewhat "old skool". Only three hides along a route which could (in all honesty) have taken fifteen.
We then drove to collect the "er indoors TM"-mobile and with "er indoors TM" off to get a haircut I tried phoning the vets to organise a tick-repelling collar for "Furry Face TM"...
..."tried" was the operative word. When we took him on from "My Boy TM" the vet's staff refused point-blank to change any of the details about his keepers, address, etc. Apparently it is far too difficult to do so. When I asked why they rolled their eyes and reluctantly tried to do so on their computer. They obviously stuffed something up. *Every single time* we contact the vet they have terrible trouble finding his details. After fifteen minutes of trying to locate him on their system they gave up and said they would phone me back.
They phoned back over an hour later to say that someone had contacted them to cancel his details.
It's all sorted now though....

In the meantime I wasted some time working on (yet another) Wherigo. This one is quite involved, but it is now pretty much ready. I doubt it will get many takers at it will probably take two to three hours to complete. But here are those who seem to like the kind of nonsense that I create. And Ashford does need to maintain its reputation as the Wheri-centre of the country.

This evening we met up for Jose's birthday bash. A lot of the old gang were back together. Must do that more often...

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