12 March 2016 (Saturday) - The Earth Engine

I had a rather late night last night. By the time I'd messed about coming home from bringing astronomy to the masses it was after 11pm. I then had a complaint about how I'd not done some geo-homework properly and by the time I'd doone it all again (hopefully properly this time) didn't get to bed until 1.30am.

Last night whilst at Down House as the astro club's event was packing up I found myself browsing in the gift shop. One of the people working there made a great fuss of trying to open one of the tills even though I didn't want to buy anything. And having failed to open the till he made even more fuss by getting his mate to open another till. After all their faffing about I rather felt obliged to buy something. So I bought a jar of their all butter raspberry curd and had some on my morning toast at brekkie time.
Even with the ten per cent discount I was given, Morrison's raspberry jam is every bit as good, and is three pounds cheaper. It never fails to amaze me how suckers pay for this staff. (From the bloke who just paid for it...)

As I scoffed my vastly over-priced brekkie i had a look-see on-line. I discovered a website where you can tell the world about the crap drivers you see whilst out and about. I've often though about doing someting like this myself. I can see myself posting here in the future. In the meantime I had a look on tat website; fortunately I've not been reported. Yet.

We then went out for a little walk. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that on Tuesday I solved a geo-puzzle. Given an arial photograph of some disused structure we had to locate it. I solved the puzzle and today we walked out to it. I won't spoil the puzzle by saying where it was... but I will say that we couldn't park within a mile of the place.
We had a rather good walk out to this building. as we went we saw oystercatchers, blue tits, bullfinches andd some rather large unidentified mammal. Personally I think it was a rabbit but what do I know? There was a minor hiccup as we walked; the path ended at a river and the only way across was to traverse some pipes. But with pipes traversed we found ourselves only a hundred yards from our goal.
there was then a second hiccup when we found a swamp between ourselves and our goal, but I had this idea that we might walk round the swamp. It was an idea that worked.

Soon enough we were at the building; I had got the right solution. We are still unsure as to what the building actually was; but from conversations with other people who've been there I think it was probably originally a Napoleonic ammunition storage facility. However now it has been left to rot.
Using expert geo-skills we found the hidden tupperware within minutes, and then spent some time exploring the place. It was quite interesting; however in many ways it is yet another part of our heritage which has been left to rot.
With time pressing we moved on; however I may well return.

Pausing only briefly to wave at passing ships we found another nearby concealed tupperware box, then drove down to Teynham for the monthly geo-meet. Talking tupperware over a few pints with like-minded people is always good. A pub lunch is not to be turned down, and I learned a thing or two about the geo-software. Mind you I did have a minor stuff up with my raffle tickets, but if nothing else it gave us all a laugh.

Once home I had a shower and a pizza, and with "er indoors TM" off out with her mates I settled down in front of the telly with my dog at my side, After a rather busy day you can't beat staring at the telly. I stared at it for a couple of moments... and woke up hours later...

I took a few photos earlier in the day. I posted them on-line then went to bed.

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