13 March 2016 (Sunday) - Dormansland

I spent most of yessterday evening fast asleep in front of the telly. I slept just as well for the remainder of the night. I got up just before 7am and hobbled downstairs. At some point on yesterday's mission round the Earth Engine I managed to bash my left leg; it was rather painful this morning.
Yesterday I whinged about the incredibly over-priced raspberry curd I'd bought from English Heritage. I had some more for brekkie this morning all the time hearing my cousin's words ringing in my ears "who pays over three quid for a jar of jam!?" I know I shan't do so again.

We put the lead onto a rather excited "Furry Face TM" and collected Suzy Woo (and her associate) and drove out to deepest Surrey. Funnily enough as we drove we saw some geo-friends doing their thing but I don't think either Wayne, Lynn or Dave saw us. We had to make a minor change of plan on the way; we received reports of "bible bashers" where we wanted to park. But we negotiated this ecclesiastical hazard, and soon nine of us (and two small dogs) were ready for the off.
We'd seen a geo-walk on the map, and some judicious cartography allowed us to expand our walk somewhat. What with weekend working and Mothers Days I've not been for a serious Sunday walk for some time. Today's walk was excellent. Beautiful scenery with great company, and we could see that spring is definately here; the leaves are budding from the trees.
I must admit to the odd pang of jealousy as we walked. Being in serious stockbroker country we saw some rather posh houses. I'd never be able to afford some of the mansions we walked past.
The weather was glorious; despite all the recent rain we found ground dry enough to sit on for lunch time. Mind you we also found quite a bit of mud as well. I had been thinking of leaving my wellies at home; I was glad I didn't.

We started walking at 10am; thirty six geocaches and eight and a half miles later we found ourselves at the pub for a pint of "Kent's Best" straight from the barrel. You don't see that very often, so we had a second one.

I took a few photos whilst we were out; once home I posted them on-line, and then did the geo-homework for today's little mission. As I did this my little dog snored rather loudly. He is rather cute when he sleeps. Also as I did this I was rather conscious of my face glowing. For all that it is still only March I caught the sun somewhat today.
I then spent a few minutes preparing for tomorrow's walk. It would be as well to have some idea of what we'll be doing. And I think an early night wouldn't hurt right now. This walking lark can be rather tiring...

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