15 March 2016 (Tuesday) - Dire Rear

Having been laying wide awake for what seemed like most of the night I gave up trying to sleep and got up shortly after 5am. My little dog was on the sofa downstairs; he looked at me as I turned tthe light on. He looked *so* tired. He heaved himself up and hobbled to tthe back door. I was feeling so guilty that I'd walked him too much this weekend, but when I opened the door he flew down the garden like a bullet from a gun, shouting and barking as he went.
As I picked at my toast I watched "The Last Man on Earth" which started again last night (the SkyPlus box is a wonderful thing). I'd forgotten how much I'd liked that series.
I didn't eat all my brekkie; my inards weren't feeling right. Yesterday evenning I treated myself to a packed of dry roasted peanuts. This morning I wished I hadn't. I spent a few minutes in the smallest room wondering about phoning in sick, but just recently I've hardly been at work at all. I really shoulld turn up from time to time.

And so to work. Going to and from work is the only time get to hear any news. Today's was interesting; there is talk of all the local councils in the east of Kent merging into one super-council. I can't honestly say that I'm aware of having much to do with Ashford council. Some county-wide thing will be even more remote from me.

Once at work I didn't have a good day. Not only incredibly busy, buut I found myself wilting as the day went on. I ate nothing, and drank loads. But I managed util home time, and once home I went to bed for three hours.
I got up, forced a bowl of soup down my neck, spent more time in Trap One, then had an early night.
I hope I improve for tomorrow....

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