11 March 2016 (Friday) - A Day's Leave

The inside of my lower jaw was still tender this morning. I suppose in the fullness of time it will all be for the best, but for now it's all rather sore.
Over brekkie I had an email. Yesterday evening I spent a couple of hours solving geo-puzzles. One particular one had me foxed for some time. In the end I sent a message to the person who'd set the puzzle. I showed her the answers I'd come up with and also my sums and asked to be shown the error of my ways. She replied to tell me that I couldn't add twenty five to twelve without getting thirty six. Woops. (Did you know I have a degree in mathematics?)

I then wasted a bit of time failing to solve more geo puzzles before putting the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and going for our morning constitutional. We went round to Newtown where we met up with "Daddies Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" and carried on walking up to McDonalds for McBrekkie. We had this idea that "Daddies Little Angel TM" and I would have a sausage & egg McMuffin McBrekkie whilst "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" might like McPorridge. He turned his nose up at McPorridge, and when I asked if he liked it he clearly said "no!"
Mind you he seemed to enjoy my hash brown.

From McDonalds we went on a little voyage of exploration discovering a new footbridge across the Ashford-Folkestone train line. This (eventually) brought us out near Argos where the most recent fruit of my loin bought one or two necessities. And a venetian blind, a bedside lamp and a rather large dustbin. It was only at this point that we considered the logistics of getting them home.
After a little thought we loaded up the push chair and I carried the dustbin. We came home via Boys Hall; it wasn't that far really. On the way home we met some *really* stupid woman who got on her knees and pulled stupid faces at my dog whilst making strange noises at him. And then she got rather upset when he started barking at her. She took quite serious offence when I explained that she had frightened him. Apparently she acts like this to every dog she meets and they all love it.
All I could say was she scared the hell out of me; let alone the dog.

We came home; I got changed, settled my dog, and I drove round to Steve's. Before long Jimbo and Denver had joined us. We drove round to The Gorge for a spot of lunch; then on to Down House where the astro club was putting on a show on behalf of English Heritage.
We started with a practical astronomy session; I was showing just how good binoculars are by pointing out features on the Moon, the Pleiades and the Great Nebula in Orion. And once everyone was frozen solid we finished off with a planetarium show.
Down House was the home of Charles Darwin; the room in which we gave the planetarium show was used as a bedroom by his widow (after Charles had died). A little bit of history there...

Not a bad day's holiday really... if only Denver hadn't farted on the way home...

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