9 November 2013 (Saturday) - Rye Bonfire Parade

More often than not I am up before 7am on a Saturday morning; I watch Martin going to the cafe for his brekkie. Today I wasn't up till gone 8am. I shared my toast with "Furry Face TM" and checked out social media. Not much was going on. And so with my toast scoffed I took my dog for a walk. Bearing in mind the shambles that we've made of recent walks round the park (and the fact that the runners would be out in force) we didn't go to the park. We went round Frog's Island instead. "Furry Face TM" barked at every single vehicle on every single road as we went; he seemed rather excited. Through no fault of his own he seemed to have put the fear of God up a passing Eastern European lady who screamed when she saw him from twenty yards away and then used her boyfriend as a human shield to protect herself from the dog. "Furry Face TM" ignored this silly lady entirely; but that didn't abate her terror.
Whilst we were out I did an informal maintenance check on my "Badger's Caches" series of geocaches. One of them was missing. On yesterday's walk I found that one of my "Fudge's Follies" caches had also gone missing. I've ordered replacements from eBay and will have a serious cache maintenance session sometime over the next week or so.

We came home fully expecting to crack on with the day. When we left for our walk er indoors TM" had been given instructions to be raring to go by the time we returned. We returned to find she'd gone back to bed. WHich was probably for the best. Within minutes of coming home the rain started. Really heavy rain which put paid to any plans involving being out and about. Which was a shame. Instead we did some dull shopping. To Matalan for some new trousers. Matalan had pretty much the same stuff we saw the other day at the MacArthur Glen outlet centre at a fraction of the price. And on to Tesco for various bits and bobs including cream cakes for dinner.
We scoofed the cream cackes whilst catching up with all sorts of stuff we'd recorded onto the Sky Plus box. We are now up to date with"Trollied" and "Downton Abbey".

Some of the clans gathered and three cars full of us set off to Rye. After a little mucking about en route we all eventually found Rye. Some went to the chip shop. Ably assisted by the Rear Admiral i found so many of my favourite pubs in Rye had shut down, but we eventually got a pint of rather grim Harveys and a second pint of not especially good Doombar from the Old Bell. Suitably refreshed we met up with those who'd taken the coach down, and we made sufficient noise to scare the normal people until the bonfire procession came past. An excellent procession; and following that we (eventuallly) reconvened by the bonfire site where we watched the conflagration and the pyrotechnics.
Rye bonfire parade has always been one of the highlights of my year, and was again this year. It's only a shame that the bonfire season is now over again for another year.

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