25 November 2013 (Monday) - Swindle

Another good night’s sleep. Wiith very little on the itinerary for today I took “Furry Face TM “ down to Park Farm. We like our walks, and there was geocache maintenance to be done in the area. About a year ago “The Man with no Alias (patent pending)” was rather disrespectful to the entire notion of hunting small plastic boxes with GPS technology and so I hid six of the things within striking distance of his abode. Like everything in life they need periodic maintenance and so that was my mission for the morning.
What can I say… We needed the walk, but it was rather frustrating to find that someone had already done the maintenance on all of the caches I’d set out to maintain. I’m not complaining as such; I am only too happy for anyone and everyone to do my cache maintenance for me. All I would say is that if anyone is going to save me time by doing this, I wish they would tell me that they’ve done it so I don’t waste that time going out to do a job that’s already been done for me.

We came home, and over a cuppa I did the monthly accounts. Oh dear. Over the last few months I’ve had serious car expenditure and vet bills. Perhaps discovering the ale houses in Folkestone last month wasn’t a good thing. And last Wednesday’s trip to Chiquitos was certainly something I won’t be doing again soon.
I wouldn’t say I’m completely penniless; it’s nothing that cancelling Christmas wouldn’t put right.

I then did some domestic drudgery. Hoovering (with a Dyson), washing and even sewing. I spent half an hour asleep with my dog on my chest, and then spent a little while reviewing my programming skills (such as they are). Much (all) of what I know about computer languages is all self-taught. All of what I know about computers is either self-taught or what I have gleaned from either watching Chris put the networking back together again or heckling as Jose repaired the smouldering carcasses of computers that I have broken. So I’ve decided I am going to remedy that deficiency. Starting In February I am going to learn all about the Internet. Why not learn with me? I’ve done three Coursera courses so far; this one looks interesting as well. And it’s free, which is a bonus.

With ‘er indoors TM  of bowling, me and “Furry Face TM “ settled down to watch a film. “The Great Rock n Roll Swindle” isn’t to everyone’s taste. I suppose you had to be there really. I was - it was quite some time ago now…

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