30 November 2013 (Saturday) - Hashtags, Stuff...

lI saw every hour of the night last night; eventually giving up and getting up shortly after 6am. I watched a couple of episodes of "South Park" that I had recorded onto the SkyPlus box. For no reason that I cold fathom Kenny had announced that he was a Japanese princess and had declared war on anyone who begged to differ. In doing so he was apparently at odds with the entire Microsoft corporation, but the senior executives of Sony had allied with him.
It was entertaining enough as I shared my toast with my dog.

And so to work. Having had something of a hint about that geocache I couldn't find over the last two days I could have gone searching for a fourth time; after all it was (sort of) on my way to work. But I decided against it. I shall wait until revised co-ordinates are issued. At the moment the thing might be anywhere.

As always I listened to the radio as I drove. Peaches Geldof would seem to have caused a rumpus having tweeted the names of people she shouldn't have. Personally I'm amazed that Twitter allowed anyone to post anything as long as someone's name. I can't stand Twitter. I need more than 140 characters to be able to have a good rant. And others who tweet who also need more than 140 characters have to resort to tinyurls which could go absolutely anywhere, or to incomprehensible hashtags.

Comet Ison warranted mention Apparently it is now official that the thing broke up whilst going past the Sun, and whilst the largest remaining fragment is (only just) bright enough to be visible in a perfectly dark sky *if* you knew precisely where to look, it is dimming fast.

I arrived at work. I did my bit. In the past I've said that I don't mind working at the weekends. I suppose I don't really, but I wasn't feeling it today. Perhaps it was because this wasn't my scheduled weekend to be working (I'd swapped). Perhaps I was a little under the weather. But I was hardly the life and soul of the party. Perhaps I might have felt better about the whole thing had the weather outside been worse so I wouldn't have felt I was missing out on anything. And with my bit done I came home again.

And once home my piss boiled. Some plum has accused me of falsifying a geocache log. How petty. But in making this accusation and having deleted something I wrote over a year ago this twit has stuffed up all the scorings and numberings that I have done over this last year.
When I get a moment I shall look through this fellow's profile and delete anything he's ever logged on any of my geocaches. I can be pettily small minded as well you know...

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