24 Noovember 2013 (Sunday) - Ramsgate

After a good night's sleep I was raring to go. And so we went. In total five of us and two small dogs went in search of plastic boxes.. Firstly we tried for a First to Find and failed. Mind you that cache went live three weeks ago and many have tried. It's rated very easy so I'm sure it's gone missing.

We then moved on to Pegwell Bay where after a few minutes we found the way to the beach. Getting to the beach wasn't easy; it was actually a rather scary descent. Once on the beach we soon found the tunnel we were looking for, and having tunnel-ratted through some serious mud we found the geocache we sought.
And whilst the tide was still low we then hurried round to Botany Bay where we failed to find a geocache in a tunnel last week. Having spoken with the chap who'd hidden it we had more of an idea where to look. Well, we had no idea; all the chap had actually said was that where we thought was the obvious place was not the place to look at all. And so we did what we should always do when looking for something. We searched with open minds; not searching were we thought it might be and ignoring everywhere else. After a few minutes the elusive cache was in our hand. I was rather pleased about this cache; there aren't many with difficulty rating 4/5 and terrain rating 5/5. In fact this was only the third such I've ever found.

We then moved on to the main business of the day. Ramsgate. We sheltererd from the rain to have our picnic. As the rain became torrential we considered going home. But idiot enthusiasm triumphed over common sense, and the rain soon stopped anyway. We followed a guided tour of caches around Ramsgate taking us to sites wheere there used to be tunnels used for various purposes. We intended tunnel-ratting; but all of the tunnels had long sence been blocked off. Which was a shame.
At one point we heard a terrible noise and looked up. It was like something out of a horror movie. A 747 jumbo-jet was coming right for us. It turned out we were on the flight approach path for Manston airport.

We found the house in which Vincent Van Gogh taught in Ramsgate. We walked round the harbour and as far out as we could. We nearly (but not quite) got soaked by waves washing over the harbour arm. And when the fishermen weren't looking "Furry Face TM" ate some of their lugworms.
We had a really good walk round Ramsgate. And I took a few photos whilst we were out.

All too soon it was time to come home. By 4pm it was nearly dark, and so we came home where I washed the mud off of my dog who then promptly fell asleep. er indoors TM" set of bowlling, and having quickly checked cyber-space I settled down for my Sunday evening fix of "Jeeves and Wooster". I then followed that up with episodes of "South Park" annd "Big Bang Theory" before falling asleep during a documentary about killer asteroids.

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