2 November 2013 (Saturday) - Lunch, Fireworks

I think I rather over-exerted myself when going up the tree on Thursday. My right arm and stomach muscles *really* hurt. So much so that it was painful to even try to move in bed last night. I woke at silly o'clock as I so often do; then lay trying to sleep for over two hours, and was still watching DVDs before 6am.
"Earth 2" is quite watchable; the Wikipedia entry is quite revealing. The actor who played the little girl died some time ago. The actor who played the little girl's father was very active in trying to pay the medical costs ofr the girl who died. And the foxy one was apparently featured in a leaked nudey video with Miss Teen America (!)

I surfed the net for a while. Time dragged. I had an email - a new geocache had gone live only two miles away. Being rather bored I thought I might try for a First to Find. The cache description said "The cache is sneakily hidden so be sure to have a look around especially if something may look out of place or that you wouldn't expect to hold a cache", so I went along expecting not to find it. Mind you I called up the hint which basically told me where it was and what to look for. I saw the thing right away; and no one else had signed the log. First to Find. Secret geocaching ritual and happy dance too.

I came home, collected "Furry Face TM" and took him round the park. Some of our walks are dull; others more exciting. Today we (he) shagged three other dogs before we even got to the park, and in the time it took me to ask a steward what the one hundred or more runners were doing, Fudge disappeared.
It turned out that last Saturday a local running club started a Saturday morning run round the park. Now every Saturday anyone who wants to join in just turns up at 9am and runs a circuit of the park. There were loads of people running, from small children to pensioners. (Including one especially fit one in spandex)

Normally a fit one in spandex might have held my attention, but not today. My dog was missing. I couldn't find him anywhere. It turned out that in the twenty seconds it took me to find out what was going on, Fudge had joined in the race. After a rather worrying twenty minutes not knowing which way to go to find my dog he was brought back to me by Orangehead. She had captured him at the other end of the runners' race where he had left the race and attempted to shag the dog of her chunky little friend.
That was embarrassing. For me. "Furry Face TM" didn't seem at all fazed by proceedings.

The Bat arrived with Clive and we set off down to Rolvenden for a spot of lunch. The Ewe and Lamb is somewhere we've not been for a while. It was very good a few years ago, and it still is. I started off with a ppint of Cheddar cider from the hand pump. I remembered that stuff from a holiday in Weymouth. Strong stuff that looks like orange squash. The soup was wonderful, and then a plate of liver and bacon went down very well. I scoffed far too much, and slept most of the way back to Ashford. We came home via Lidls and Home Plus in torrential rain. Feeling rather replete and having a little time we thought we might grab a few moments of shut-eye.

Rather than having a few minutes of dozing we both slept for over an hour only to be woken by the door bell. Hosey had arrived to drive us to the evening's fun. We had a frantic five minutes getting ready, and then we set off to Steve and Sarah's for fireworks, We had a great time, excellent fun with friends, and such a good spread too. There was a minor hiccup when a bucket was destroyed along with the garden fence by a renegade incendiary. But that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Aparet from that fence and that bucket. They were certainly weakened in the impact.

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