15 November 2013 (Friday) - This n That

I woke this morning feeling rather ill. I lay in bed feeling grim for a little while, but soon got up. I usually feel better when I start moving about. After a few minutes I felt a tad less grotty but I didn't feel right all day. I wonder if I've caught whatever lurgey it is that has laid Lacey low. Perhaps I should have phoned in sick?
Over a spot of brekkie I watched an episode of "Earth 2". It turned out that last week's baddie had been computer generated; which was a relief for all concerned. Except the one who's now on life support after the little contretemps with the CGI adversary.

And so to work. I had something of a traumatic drive today. When I wasn't being run of the road by rampant dustbin lorries in Ashford and Canterbury I was having to dodge reckless cyclists going wherever they pleased with no regard to the Highway Code.
As I drove I listened to the news. I know I shouldn't. Today the pundits were interviewing the Minister for Health who is making changes to GP provision in England. He had fine sentiments, but with no additional resources for the NHS it is doubtful if anything will be achieved from these latest reforms. It strikes me that the NHS has an impossible task. For it to work there needs to either be an increase in available resources or a decrease in demand. And bearing in mind there is no shortage of people being ill...
I am reminded of an incident which occurred when I myself was sitting in a doctor's waiting room a few years ago. One old fellow was loudly telling his mate that he always came to see the doctor on a Tuesday regardless of whether he was actually ill or not because "he'd paid his stamp". When his mate hinted that maybe an ill person had not been able to see the doctor because of this fellow's unnecessary visit, said idiot got rather aggressive about it being his right to see the doctor regardless of any medical need to do so.
Perhaps this is the problem. Perhaps people expect too much from free health care. Perhaps charging to see the GP before free health care is provided (and so discouraging the time-wasters) might be a better way forward. I have it on good authority that such practice works elsewhere in the world.
Mind you it would be a brave politician to suggest such a move.

After the news the radio presented "Desert Island Discs" in which the pianist Alfred Brendel was asked to share his eight favourite pieces of music. I wouldn't say that his choices were dire bordering on to dreadful (which they were), but I would say that I do hope I never have to share his desert island. After all, who actually wants to listen to opera anyway?
And again this show got me thinking. What would my eight desert island discs be?

I filled the car with petrol this morning. Petrol is the cheapest it's been for some time, so I thought I'd make the most of it in case the price went up again. And then as I was in the area I went into the Cheapo Bargains shop. The staff there were shrieking vociferously at each other across the length and breadth of the building. I somehow found that rather threatening.
I saw they were flogging Woo Woo at less than two quid per bottle, but I turned down the offer. I didn't want to hang about this morning.

Once at work I did my bit. One of my colleagues had been "energizing himself" with beef broth made from "O Negative bone marrow". He claimed it did the trick; I took his word and didn't enquire too closely as to what trick it might have done.
There was also talk of staging a world record attempt. It transpires that no one has ever managed to eat eighteen Jaffa Cakes in one minute. I'm game to give it a try, if only I could obtain sponsorship. I'm not going to pay for eighteen Jaffa Cakes. I did get given one though; which was something of a result.
Mind you, the more I think about it, the more do-able it seems. Eighteen Jaffa Cakes in one minute is only one every three (and a bit) seconds. If any of my loyal readers would like to give me eighteen Jaffa Cakes and the loan of a stop-watch...

With my bit done I came home. I'd bought a Snickers bar (Marathon!) from the Cheapo Bargains shop and had left it in the car for the ride home. It had been a cold day: that choccy bar was rather solid. I really shouldn't eat choccy bars so late in the day...

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