23 November 2013 (Saturday) - Doctor Who

After a surprisingly good night’s kip I found myself woken by having my nose licked. I can take a hint, so I took “Furry Face TM “for a walk. We were a little later getting going than usual so I thought I’d brave the park in the hope that the runners had already done their thing and had gone home. They had. Also being that little bit later we missed OrangeHead and her chunky little friend.

I then set off to Folkestone. On my own. ‘er indoors TM  had all sorts of things to do; as (so it turned out) had everyone else.
I had wanted to see the Doctor Who exhibition in Folkestone. The one earlier in the year had been… well, it had been a disappointment, but it had been a first. I’d hoped today’s show was going to be bigger and better. I was met from the train by the Rear Admiral and we made our way directly to where it was all happening.

As we walked there was a minor commotion. A woman was lying collapsed on the pavement. There were people with her seeing to her. I felt rather guilty walking past, but I couldn’t have done anything to help.
We soon found the exhibition where I was warmly greeted by the Cyber-Leader who (it turned out) is a person who is actually on my Facebook list. We chatted for a bit, then he went on to terrorising the children. It was good to be on first name terms with a Cyber-Leader, but today’s show was something of a disappointment. What was done had been done well, but there was only two cybermen, a dalek, K9, and a sickly-looking Davros. We gave it five minutes then wandered off. We listened to the Gospel choir singing carols for five minutes, then went round to the Firkin alehouse for a pint or two of lunch.

Kipp’s alehouse had a really good stout on; and then I turned the Rear Admiral to the dark side. There are four Munzees in Folkestone Harbour. I captured them all, and he downloaded the Munzee app and joined in. We had a celebratory pint in the Lifeboat, and then it was home time.

I came home to find ‘er indoors TM was still on her mission, so I took “Furry Face TM “ for a walk round the block and then me and my dog shared a kebab as we watched “Carry on Behind”; a rather lame film but it passed the time until the much-heralded Doctor Who anniversary special was on.
And the Doctor Who anniversary special itself.. I won’t go into too many details because I realise that a lot of people will have SkyPlus-ed it to watch later. In short I liked it. I didn’t think I would. I will watch it again with my finger on the “pause” button because a *lot* of continuity and fanwank (for want of a better term) has been slipped in.

My dog slept through the lot. He seems very quiet this evening. I hope he’s OK…

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