14 November 2013 (Thursday) - Yonderland, Crackanory

I woke feeling rather grim. I'm sure I don't know why that might have been. I had a shave and some brekkie, and went back to bed. I managed to lie in bed until 9am before "Furry Face TM" licked me awake. I got up for a second time and took my dog for a walk. Today's mission was geocache maintenance. Over the last year I've hiddedn one or two of the things in the local area, and last week I noticed that two had gone misssing. So today I had a concerted maintenance mission. In all I visited eleven cache sites, replaced what needed replacing, hid what wasn't hid well, and generally made good for the winter.

With a couple of hours constructively passed I came home, and over a cream cacke I played with html programming and coding. html is something I can do after a fashion. I'm self-taught, and can bodge my way through, but I could do better. Perhaps I might see if Coursera do anything on htlm writing. I then looked at my social calendar for the next month or so and popped in one or to more events.

A few days ago I recorded the film "Bronson" onto the SkyPlus box. I watched it this afternoon; I quite liked it. And then I got a meessage that Saturday's planned geo-walk goes past six puzzle geocaches. I spent an hour puzzle solving. I have no idea if I got the right answers, but the co-ordinates I came up with are all along footpaths (which is a good sign).

er indoors TM" came home and we had a curry whilsst watching "Yonderland"; the latest fantasy series on Sky One. It has promise, but has a little too much sarcasm toward the fantasy genre for it not to alienate its target viewers.
And then we watched another new show "Crackanory" whicch also shows promise...

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