20 November 2013 (Wednesday) - A Birthday

I had a surprisingly good night’s sleep last night. A quick spot of brekkie and I took my dog for a walk. Whilst we were out I hid a geocache. Having seen some rather clever caches here and there I thought I’d do something not entirely dissimilar. It was a shame that it started raining whilst we were out. We did get rather soaked.
Having put up with “Furry Face TM “ barking at every form of transport known to man my patience was wearing thin. It was when he barked at a mobility scooter that I shouted at him. Rather forcefully. That made him jump; but I think it did the trick. A few minutes later he started to bark at a passing milk float and stopped himself in mid-bark and turned to me with a rather sheepish expression.

We came home and dried out, and then I went down the road to the dentist for my gob’s semi-annual service. Nothing needed doing, and I am not due back with the fangquack until next May; which is good. Whilst out I went on to Musgrove medical practice and filled out all the forms to transfer to them from my current surgery. I came home via the bakers shop with a Belgian bun for lunch.

I then spent a couple of hours doing the ironing whilst watching a favourite film of mine.I do like that film; but I have to watch it whilst doing something (like ironing) or I fall asleep. And then with laundry done I went into the garden. There is a load of work to be done out there, but just as I went out it started raining, so I contented myself with just turning off the pond’s pumps for the winter. Re-shingling and lawn mowing will have to wait.

I received an email. That really clever geocache on which I’ve spent several days preparing had been turned down. I won’t say why; suffice it to say that it got the thumbs-down, but two other caches identical in the crucial respect were recently allowed. I asked the reviewer why my one was turned down whilst these others weren’t and the reply was interesting (if somewhat rude).  I was told that acceptance of one cache hide does not mean that others of the same ilk might necessarily be accepted. And I was given a link I might use to appeal his decision.
I have appealed, but the establishment sided with the reviewer. It always does. My gut reaction was to formally apologise for giving my time and effort to help their company to make money..

The original plan for the evening was astro club committee, but I had forgotten a special birthday, so instead we went round to Chiquito’s for Lacey’s birthday meal. Lacey enjoyed herself which was the main thing. Personally I thought it was overpriced; I would have preferred McDonalds, but Lacey wanted Chiquitos…

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