4 November 2013 (Monday) - Bit Dull

In a novel break with tradition I slept surprisingly well last night; waking just minutes before the alarm was due to go off. I abluted, and had all of my toast to myself; a certain dog was still fast asleep. Yesterday's walk must have tired both of us.
My morning's "Earth 2" was entertaining viewing. In this morning's episode the brain-wiped homicidal maniac was beginning to have flashbacks. This was widely regarded not to be a good thing in a homicidal maniac.

I set off to work in dark and rain. Really dark and very heavy rain. Last night a series of geocaches had gone live in the Canterbury area. No one had gone near overnight; I had the chance for a few FTFs. But it was dark and wet. I decided against going for them. It would have been a silly thing to do.

As I drove I listened to the radio. For all that the recent cases of child abuse have been very serious, I'm not at all sure that there has been a balanced reaction to the entire debacle. It would seem that it will soon be a criminal offence for anyone who suspects someone of being a child abuse not to blow the whistle.
How ridiculous is that? In the first instance how can anyone be accused of having suspicions about someone else that they didn't voice? And in the second instance is the mere random thought that any individual might be a bit iffy grounds to ruin their life.

Meanwhile it would seem that for all the jingoistic flag wavers might protest, the UK's remaining part of the European Union saves every household about three thousand pounds every year.
Or so the latest figures from the CBI would suggest. Interestingly the pundits seemed to feel that the same survey showed that jingoistic flag wavers would be un-swayed by such arguments. Are we as a nation still so insular and parochial?
Mind you back with the insular and parochial mind-set there is a school of thought that voting for Scottish independence may be a good thing in the upcoming Scottish referendum because losing the Scottish seats in the UK Parliament would pretty much guarantee a Conservative majority in perpetuity.
Please don't let the Scots go...

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  1. Having watched the Panorama program where evidence was given of organisations actively seeking legal advice on avoiding reporting a child abuse, lest their good name became tarnished - churches, schools, hosptials etc. - and thus allowing abuse to go on for many years longer than it needed to have done, there needs to be some way of ensuring that people put the rights of the abused and potential future victims before the 'honour' of their organisation. If that means a legal obligation so be it.