28 November 2013 (Thursday) - Stuff

I wasn't especially late to bed last night, but the gentle rythmic breathing of er indoors TM" woke me at 2.30am. Her gentle rythmic breathing was rather impressive. I eventually got up before 5am feeling rather rough; last night I'd had a couple of glasses of rose wine with dinner, and I woke with a rotten hangover that lasted most of the day.
As usual I shared my toast with "Furry Face TM". This morning I watched two more episodes of "Triffids". I do like the series but I have one niggle. (What is life without a niggle?) At one point the two main characters have a disagreement. Ten minutes lates the same disagrement arises, but with the two protagonists taking up what had been the other's side of the argument. There had been no change of heart; just a lapse of concentration on the part of the scriptwriter.

I checked my emails - a series of geocaches had gone live overnight. And they were only five miles from home; in Kings Wood. I had time to look for one before work so I went for what looked like being the easiest to get at. I had a look for it... but the GPS wouldn't settle down, and there's not much fun stomping about on your own in a known doggers' car park half an hour before dawn.
I shall go back when there is some daylight; it's amazing the difference being able to see can make. It later transpired that other people couldn't find that one either. If I had chosen another I might have got an FTF. Oh well... such is life.

I carried on to work listening to the radio. Yesterday I ranted about the proposed Scottish independence. Today that topic boiled my piss even more. For all that they pre-independence lobby wants Scotland out of the UK, it still wants Scotland to remain part of the European Union. How does that work? Giving up one union in favour of another? I can't help but feel that a lot of it is pure anti-English sentiment.I nterestingly the Spanish feel that if Scotland leaves the UK is automatically leaves the EU by default and should have a rather tricky time getting back in. Mind you the Spanish have their own secessionists to worry about so I suppose that in many ways they have a vested interest here.

Yesterday I was also rather disparaging about the police. They do themselves no favours. Today's news also told the sad tale of a chap who had been beaten and burned to death because the local scratters thought be might have been a paedophile.
The sad part of this story is that these allegations were known to the police; had been investigated and found to be false. And furthermore the unfortunate victim had already highlghted his ongoing harrassment to the police.

Once at work I did my bit and then came home again. Over a rather good bit of dinner we watched episodes of "Come Dine With Me"; we have over sixty episodes recorded on the SkyPlus box. Best get them watched...
And in closing it looks aas though comet Ison has finally fizzled out. I said it would...

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