3 November 2013 (Sunday) - Crowborough

As I shared my morning toast with my Patagonian Tripe-Hound I watched a rather lame episode of "Earth 2". For a bunch of pioneers exploring a planet twenty two light years away they are certainly finding a lot of people who seem to have got there first.

With brekkie scoffed we eventually found er indoors TM" wellie boots, and set off to collect the rest of our entourage. Three of us and two small dogs went to Crowborough where we played "Cluedo". A series of geocaches had been laid in which various Cluedo cards and clues had been concealed, and as well as caching we got to play Cluedo as well. I was Professor Plums. My dog was Professor No Plums (following a trip to the vet). It was a genius idea... provided you actually found all of the caches and all of the clues.
We didn't.
One cache was clearly missing (well, we couldn't find it) so when we got to the end we had half of the required co-ordinates, but the other half were rather vague. So we looked at the map, looked at where we might expect a bonus cache to be hidden, read the hint and trusted to luck. And we found that bonus cache. Even though I was prepared to abandon it.

We had one or two other "little episodes" on the way. The storms of the last week had brought down a few trees to block our way. At one point a farmer had deliberately blocked a footpath with a six feet high fence. I've emailed the chap who organised the geocache series about this; you find yourself obviously following the right route as you come to the geocache, then you are faced with a fence. You can either backtrack several hundred yards or climb the fence. We climbed it.
The mud was rather thick too. I fell on my backside twice.

With the Cluedo series done we walked around Crowborough for a bit, and then moved on to Eridge where we did an Earthcache. Or everyone else played on the rocks whilst I did geography homework (depending on your perspactive). To be fair the Earthcache was my idea. Getting one in Sussex bungs up my geo rating. I'm now a silver-level Earthcache master (!)
As always there are photos of the day on-line.

And so home, and with er indoors TM" off out with her mates and "Furry Face TM fas asleep I was left home alone. Which wasn't a bad thing; I had beer to get out of the bucket and into the barrel. Never a dull moment...

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