12 November 2013 (Tuesday) - Fleas, FTF...

I was woken at 4.30am by the snoring of a small dog. "Furry Face TM" had crept upstairs during the night and made myself comfortable with his chin on my shoulder and his beak pushed into in my left ear. I didn't bother trying to get back to sleep and got up. I came"Merlin" downstairs to find the lights on our router were flashing like things possessed. I glanced out of the window and saw the lights were on next door. I have a sneaking suspicion that "nutty noodle next door" has worked out our wireless router's password; hence the frantically flashing lights at the most obscure times. I pulled the plug on the router for ten minutes just in case.

Over a bit of toast I watched a rather dire episode of "Earth 2". Why do all series start so good and end up so lame? "Furry Face TM" came downstairs ten minutes too late for toast. I was glad he was up though. Being the twelfth of the month it was time to apply his anti-flea treatment. The stuff seems to work as I've not found a flea on him for months. I de-scaled the washing machine as well;
Fudge's de-fleaing and the washing machine's de-scaling is something of a double act in our household.

And so to work. Last night I rather gave up trying to find a new geocache. As it was on the way to work I tried again this morning. It's amazing what a little bit of daylight and the lack of torrential rain can do; you find entire footpaths that you can't see in the dark. Pausing only briefly to fall over in the mud twice I soon had the cache in hand. First to find. Happy dance.
I carried on to work; listening to the radio. The talk was of the disaster in the Philippines, and of the aid being sent by various countries. I have grumbled about the bad weather we've had recently. Listening to the horror stories on the radio made me feel somewhat more grateful for my lot in life.

Once at work I did my bit, and then came home again. Last night I had exhausted my stash of curly-wurlies so I stopped off at the sweetie shop for some white Maltesers. And the I joined the throng at Arden Drive where we watched "Merlin". Or that is everyone else watched "Merlin". I fell asleep...

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