8 November 2013 (Friday) - Tears, Videos

I slept through until 7.30am this morning. I was very pleased about that. I checked out the news over brekkie. As always the day’s news boiled my piss. Apparently the NHS spends £700 on negligence cover for every birth that takes place. This is a sad indictment of our society. Heath care professionals do their best every day only to be hounded by ambulance-chasing scum who pounce on every trivial mistake in the hope of extorting compensation.
And these news agencies wonder why hospitals the length of the country face staff shortages. Who would want to work in a place where the most insignificant honest mistake is blown out of all proportion and emblazoned over the national press? Not that I’m in any way bitter…

I put “Furry Face TM “ ‘s lead on him and we went for a walk. Sometimes our walks are dull. Today’s was anything but dull.
At one point it was just a tad emotional. As we walked round by the lake I saw he was kicking up the grass. He does that after pooping; he’d peeled one out whilst I wasn’t looking. I went to clear up his mess, and there was loads of fresh blood in the recently-laid dog poo. I looked at my dog, looked at the blood and felt sick at the thought of him being ill. Up came brekkie. And then the thought that he was pooing blood really struck home. I started blubbing like a small girl. After five minutes of tears, snot and being frankly pathetic I thought I’d better clear up the offending poo. And then I realised there was no blood at all. The bright red colour was an autumnal leaf that the silly dog had kicked onto the poo.
I felt a little bit daft.

We carried on into the park where we met Orangehead and her chunky little friend. The last time we met Fudge expressed his love for chunky little friend’s dog in the way that only a saucy small dog can. He couldn’t do that today; there were several other dogs on that dog’s back already; all getting rather jiggy. Both Orangehead and her chunky little friend seemed rather alarmed at this; as did the owners of the jiggy dogs who were desperately trying to pull them off.

In the distance I could see a cyclist. We often see an old mucker cycling through the park in the mornings. It looked like our geo-buddy so I pointed at him and shouted “Attack!” Little “Furry Face TM  set off at the cyclist in attack mode at top speed; woofing like a thing possessed.
Imagine the embarrassment when we realised the cyclist wasn’t who we thought it was; and was just some random passer-by whom we had terrified. Oh we did laugh. Eventually.

Whilst we were out I went for that geocache I didn’t find last night. Daylight is such a help for seeing things, and I found it after a couple of minutes. And I added this cache to a private list of mine.
Whilst this cache is not in a playpark, there is a playpark a little way away. Not especially close, but closer than one was to a cache I had turned down because the playpark was too close. I’ve now found a dozen caches with playparks nearby. Mind you I saw on Facebook last night that ‘er indoors TM found a cache on a roundabout last night; and that is supposed to be a “no-no” as well. I realise there are rules about placing geocaches; there have to be.
If only there was consistency in the application of those rules.

We came home and I had a spot of lunch. As I scoffed I watched a film. The film of “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” was rubbish; totally unlike the mini-series I watched a while ago. And after that I watched “Kill List”. Billed as a very gory horror film it was strange. It started off with a couple of wannabe gangsters and went all psychedelic. And at the point where the plot was completely lost they ran the end credits.

What with all that’s been going on in my life I’ve rather forgotten to do my annual video compilation of blog pix for a while. So here’s a selection of what’s happened over the last two (or so) years.
And before anyone starts bleating about breaches of copyright all of this content is freely available on line. All of it was either put up by me, or freely obtained with one mouse click…

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