11 November 2013 (Monday) - Dull

I think my little dog was rather worn out by yesterday's walk; he slept right through the morning's toast time. As I left for work this morning my heart sank. The house next door is up for sale. I suppose that having new neighbours could be a good thing; it need not necessarily be bad.
It's just a shame we are losing the decent ones; it's just my luck that we are keeping "nutty noodle and the pianist".

I set off to work facing a very bright morning; a great improvement on last week. The sky was gloriously red, and there was even a rainbow. As I'd gone to bed last night I'd seen frost on the cars; there had been a thaw overnight. I was pleased about that.
I wasn't pleased about my fellow motorisits though. there was some twit who came up behind me just as I left Beaver Road and this chap was directly behind me all the way to Windcheap. He seemed to try to drive at a steady forty five miles per hour. At the strectches of the A28 when you can speed up he lagged a long way back; at the parts where the speed limit is 40mph he would be inches from my rear bumper.

Fortunately I lost him when I stopped off for the makings of some lunch at Morrisons. Mossisons was the same as ever; I had a plan to buy armpit-squirt there. It has doubled in price since my last visit. I shall eke out my remaining tin until their next buy-one-get-one-free offer, and hope my pits don't whiff too much in the meantime.

I went to work, did my bit, and came home again. As I left for home I got the news that a new geocache had gone live on my way home. I went for a First to FInd but it was very dark and the rain was very heavy. There is only so much messing about one can do in a country lane in the dark in a monsoon. So I gave up and came home where I watched episodes of "South Park" until bed time.
Some days are *so* dull...

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