6 November 2013 (Wednesday) - Out of This World

I slept well, and after a bit of brekkie (ably assisted by my dog) we went for a quick walk. The weather forecast predicted a dry spell for a couple of hours so we thought we’d get walked before the rain. As we walked a little voice called out to us. Cheryl and Lacey were on their way to school. Fudge jumped up and got Lacey all muddy.
We carried on with our walk through the park where “Furry Face TM “ tried to pork every dog in Ashford. I wish he wouldn’t do that.
We stopped for five minutes at the ford so I could get some information for my latest little geo-project, then carried on with our walk round Singleton lake. By now the rain had started. Somewhat earlier that predicted. By the time we got home we were both soaked.

Once home I put the washing machine to spinning the laundry I’d set washing when we went out. Rather than spinning, the machine washed it all again. I wish it wouldn’t do that.
I then did some homework, then some geo-project work. Before I knew it, it was 1pm. As a special treat for us both I went up the kebab shop for kebab and chips, “Furry Face TM “ likes kebab. He’s getting very fussy about what he eats, so it’s a pleasure to see him wanting to eat something. Over dinner we watched a film. “Hope and Glory” was a nostalgic British film. It looked like being the sort of film I love. It turned out to be about an hour too long. To stay awake I sorted my undercrackers whilst it played. Dull, but necessary. Most of my socks have holes, and more than one pant is lacking elastic.
Am I the only person who just puts up with substandard crackers?

As the day went on so the phone wouldn’t stop ringing from people trying to sell me rubbish. Mis-sold endowments, solar panels, computers spamming windows internet (!); you name it, I was offered it on the phone today. Despite my best efforts and endless complaints I keep getting these phone calls trying to sell me stuff.

Evening came and I set off for the reason I wasn’t at work today. A trackable is due to blast off to the International Space Station today, and anyone attending a geo-meet today got an e-souvenir. To the uninitiated that sentence probably doesn’t mean much, but it is of great importance to those who hunt plastic boxes in the woodlands.

I had this idea that organising a space-themed geo-event wouldn’t take too much doing; and volunteered to set one up. The World’s Wonder pub in Warehorne have been very good to the astro club lately; and they have dark skies too, so I approached them. They were very happy to have me organise something with them. So I did.
I had been wondering how much of a turn-out I would get for an astronomy-themed geo-meet. And seeing the dreadful weather there’s no denying that my hopes weren’t high. But I was wrong. We had an attendance beyond my wildest expectations. People travelled miles; from Sussex, from the Medway towns and even from North London. I counted over forty people.
I was so lucky to have Jason volunteer to talk; it was an excellent talk on a fascinating subject. Steve was on hand to help and assist; and we gave out astro club flyers and Stargazing Live booklets. Everyone seemed happy with what we had done.  

And once home, thanks to the wonderful people at Tee-Bees dot com the trackable logging was but a work of a few minutes. Logging fifty four TBs one at a time would have taken an age.
It was a good meet. I was pleased with what I put on. But I am more pleased that I have wonderful people that I can call on to help me to do things like this…

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