27 November 2013 (Wednesday) - This N That

My little dog seemed rather subdued this morning, but not so subdued that he wouldn't eat half of my brekkie. And having scoffed my toast for me he curled up on my lap and snored whilst I tried to watch "Day of the Triffids". It's an old series first shown on the BBC thirty-odd years ago, but I like it.

And so to work. You would think that anyone cycling on a main road (which has no street lights) half an hour before dawn would have lights and wear reflective bright colours. No? Well, I would have thought that. The two cyclists I nearly mowed down disagreed with me on that matter too.
As I drove I listened to the radio. The latest development in the campaign for Scottish Independence amazed me. An independent Scotland will apparently retain the pound as its unit of currency. How on Earth can they try to be independent of the rest of the UK when they will have their financial matters dictated to them by the Bank of England? Isn't the shambles of the Euro enough of an example?
And there was an interview with the leader of the UK Independence Party who was being questioned about his views on the Prime Minister's announcement that anyone immigrating to the UK will not be entitled to any benefits from now on.
For all that our country shouldn't be handing out benefits willy-nilly, it was rather worrying that narrow-minded jingoism was clearly seen as a vote-winning political policy.

I stopped off in Morrisons for some fruit, and then after having done my bit at work (and comparing notes about tattoos) I came home again. The radio was staging a debate about the role of the police in society. Should they be law enforcers or should they be guardians of public morality? Arguments were advanced for both points of view. For myself either would do. But in my experience currently they do neither.

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