30 April 2013 (Tuesday) - Stuff

Last night I wondered how Sid would cope overnight without his mummy. I was listening out to hear him crying for much of the night. He didn't cry at all.
Thinking things had gone better than I was expecting I got up to a disappointment. As I came down the stairs at 5.15am Fudge started woofing. I opened the living room door and felt Sid in the way of the door on the other side. I also found the warm pool of tiddle and a couple of fresh dollops by that door. Fudge was at the far end of the room, ears right back, clearly knowing that wrong had been done. I chased both dogs into the garden where Fudge immediately produced the biggest pile of dung and the most tiddle you ever did see, all the time looking at me. Almost as if trying to prove his innocence. Sid on the other hand seemed oblivious to his indiscretions. He was bounding up at me, seemingly desperate for company.
I then spent a little while clearing the mess. It's amazing how long it takes to get pug tiddle out of a carpet. Sid sat with me whilst I had my brekkie and I watched my morning's DVD. Fudge sat on the sofa and glared his disapproval in a manner not unlike that of the first fruit of my loin when we brought his baby sister home for the first time.

And so to work. As I drove I listened to the radio. And I nearly had another urine-related incident as my piss boiled.
Apparently the government is planning to toughen the regime in prisons. The radio presenter interviewed a reformed convict who told about how bad things are already in prison, then the presenter laughed at him.
There is a public perception that things are really easy in prison which was reinforced by this morning's article on the radio. From my limited experience I know that this is far from the truth, but the general public don't know that. Most people have very little (if any) experience of prisons and the general perception of the places is nothing like the reality. I wonder if making this announcement two days before an election is the government's cheap way of grabbing a few more votes.

At the same time it would seem that many violent offenders are not going to court; instead having their crimes dealt with by a far more informal system of conflict resolution. I can't pretend to be an expert on this case, but I can't help but wonder if its popularity with the police is connected with its involving far less paperwork.

Here's something to make you think. As power companies struggle to keep up with demand, the household appliances of the future will be fitted with sensors which will allow them to recognise times of peak demand for electricity. Having recognised such a demand on the electrical infrastructure, your oven or fridge will (in a spirit of being helpful) turn itself off. Presumably just at the very instant you want to be using said device.
Utter genius(!)

Once at work I did my thing. Over a tea break my attention was caught by the day-time TV dross. Have you ever seen "Don't Get Done, Get Dom"? It features a bald do-gooder who tries to right wrongs suffered by the gullible public. Today baldy was dealing with a rather laughable tale of an incredibly fat woman who had bought a cheap sofa. Being incredibly fat her cheap sofa wasn't up to the job of supporting her gargantuan frame, and so she soon reduced the poor sofa to matchwood. Fat woman wasn't happy and took the fragments of the sofa back to the shop to ask for a refund. The main in the shop wasn't happy either, and he sent the fragments of the sofa back to the factory for a post-mortem.
The lab tests were soon back; it it was a proven scientific fact that a cheap sofa was no match for a fat ass. Consequently no refund was forthcoming; the shop took the line that Fat Woman should know that someone of her size needed a sofa which was more robust than the run of the mill sofa.
Fat Woman then contacted the telly's consumer rights people because she found it offensive to be told that she was too fat and that it was upsetting to think that her epic bulk might have broken the sofa. Baldy did his best for fat woman, but whichever way you look at it, if you are epic in the ass department you really shouldn't scrimp on anything you hope to support your massive weight.
It was as well that I was watching the program on a wide-screen telly...

With work done I set off for the Tuesday gathering. What with late shifts I'd not been for three weeks. I've missed going along. Today we were at Somerset Road where Matt clearly hadn't scrimped on his sofa. Watching telly with mates. A simple evening, but really good...

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