21 April 2013 (Sunday) - Scotney Castle

It was all rather vague last night. That mild was good stuff. I slept like a log, and was eventually woken shortly after 8am by a small dog licking my nose. He'd got bored with waiting for me to get up and jumped the dog proofing.
er indoors TM" eventually emerged from her pit and after brekkie we went to the garage to reclaim the er indoors TM"-mobile. And the round to Singleton for the rest of our crew and off we went. We'd heard that there was free admission to Scotney Castle today. Something for nothing is always good. We stopped off at half a dozen seemingly random points along the way. Can't think why (!)

We got to Scotney Castle shortly after mid day with what seemed like most of the rest of the human race. A combination of free admission and glorious weather had got everyone out today. We found a secluded spot for a little picnic, and then thought we'd stroll the grounds. The woods were lovely. The grounds of Scotney Castle are somewhere I've not been for years. But they are really good. And (if you know where to look) there are four geocaches in those grounds. We found them - and we found other people looking for those caches. It was good to meet up with these people and put some faces to names.
Having walked several miles we realised we'd spent too long walking and that we'd left it too late to go round the castle itself. Oh well - we'll do that next time there's a freebie advertised.
As always I took photos of the day and put them on-line.
We came home a rather circuitous way (can't imagine why!) and once home Fudge had a bath. He wasn't quite as grubby as I'd thought he was, but a scrub never hurts him. And with er indoors TM" off bowling I watched my DVDs whilst a small dog snored.

er indoors TM" returned, and we watched yesterday's episode of "Doctor Who". I liked the Jon Pertwee era references; it was one of the better episodes that have come out recently. But I still fell asleep...

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