20 April 2013 (Saturday) - Cake and Mild

A rather restless night was spent mostly prodding er indoors TM" to stop her snoring. I eventually gave up the battle and had a slightly earlier brekkie than I might have done. And after spending an entertaining five minutes duffing up Furry Face I took him round the park for a walk. We met many of the usual dog walkers. The Irish chap was there and we had quite a chat. "Orangehead" was there (looking more like Ronald McDonald every day) with her chunky little friend. And their dogs. And Fudge was off the lead and (mostly) behaving himself; coming back (eventually) when called.
We carried on with our walk and a little later encountered "Orangehead" (without her chunky little friend) as we were walking across the co-op field. Fudge ran up to her dog, and "Orangehead" promptly started giving Fudge dog treats. I wish people wouldn't do that; it only makes him not want to come back to me.

I then drove round to the garage to collect er indoors TM" who had left her car to get fixed. And once changed we set off to the Hare and Hounds. Ashford was hosting the monthly gathering of geocachers. Once a month we all meet up and chat about the latest developments in hiding tupperware. It was really good to meet up with friends old and new. There was a new lady from Chartham who was introduced to me (because I have some caches in Canterbury). We got chatting - she was really new to the game, and she got a lot from chatting to the old hands. We had a couple of pints and a cheese ploughmans, and then my phone beeped. Twelve new caches had gone live in honour of the event, and so people set off in various directions in various groups. I walked along with people I've not walked with much before. But it's always good to walk with like-minded friends. We had a really good day on what must have been the finest afternoon so far this year. And Lisa had made cake too.

We walked for a couple of hours, and then came back to the pub where we chatted for a little before making our way home. A quick cuppa, a quick game of tug o' war with the dog, a change of shirt, and off out to a birthday party.
Loads of us gathered to celebrate Steve's birthday, and we tried my second attempt at making mild. It wasn't a bad drop. From what I can remember...

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