16 April 2013 (Tuesday) - Stuff

A good night's sleep, and with little of note in social media I set off to work. The news on the radio was all about the recent tragedy in Boston. Was it a terrorist attack? The pundits seem to be very cagey. So far no crackpot group has claimed responsibility.
For myself I can't help but wonder why anyone would target innocents like that. There's no denying there are some people to whom I would wish harm. Not many, but they exist. I suspect they know they are on my poop list too... But were I daft enough to drop a rock on them I would make sure that no innocent bystanders got hit by that rock.

There was also talk on the same radio show about why we haven't found any aliens. It seemed an odd topic to have on the morning's news program. The old chestnuts, the Fermi paradox and the Drake equation, were wheeled out again. As were the ideas that if were aliens going through the galaxy in years gone by then they would have already set up a colony on prehistoric Earth.
Interestingly today's experts seemed to be of the opinion that we haven't found aliens because we're not using the right technology to find them. They were rather vague about what technology one might use to find an alien, as one might expect them to be. Presumably they were loathe to mention illudium-Q space modulators in case the public thought the worst of them.

This reminded me of the astro-biology course I completed a few weeks ago. I got a distinction for that. It prompted me to have a look on the Coursera web site this evening to see what else I might learn. I've signed up for a course in psychology (of all things). It will either help me to be more understanding of the idiosyncrasies of my fellow man, or it will make me more astute in spotting loonies. I wonder which it will be. Time will tell - it always does.

I stopped off on my way to work at Morrisons to fill the car with petrol. Sixty quid's worth of the stuff. Ouch! And then (since it was in the area) I popped in to the cheapo bargains shop. The other day I whinged about the fat people in that shop who were getting in my way. As I pulled up there were a gaggle of porkers heading towards the door. Would you believe it - once at the door they all stopped (blocking it entirely) to have a gossip.

And so to work where I did my bit. In days gone by I used to do far more than just my bit. Not today though.
Over the weekend one of my colleagues had had a birthday so we got to scoff cakes. That's always good.
Being on a very late finish I wasn't at the weekly gathering of the clans. I've not been there for two consecutive weeks now. I'm missing my weekly fix of bandying insults and spotting the historical mistakes in Merlin...

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