29 April 2013 (Monday) - Two Dogs

Six hours sleep ! That's not bad. I wonder if yesterday's walk had anything to do with it? Mind you I was surprisingly not aching as I scoffed my bran flakes at silly o'clock this morning. Fudge however did seem to be rather stiff. He's never particularly sprightly in the mornings; today he was sparked out and snoring on my lap as I watched my Babylon 5 DVD.

As I drove to work it was a dull overcast morning; quite a contrast to the weekend. I don't mind the weather being bad when I have to work. I felt it something of a shame when I looked out of the window and saw that the day had brightened up. Selfish of me; but there it is. The weather has been bright these last couple of days; I spent much of the morning conscious of my face glowing from where I'd caught the sun yesterday.

As I drove to work (as always) I listened to the radio. There would seem to be trouble ahead for nursing homes. Apparently they are closing down faster than ever before. One of the pundits being interviewed on the matter said the reason for the closures was quite straight-forward: the average nursing home isn't getting enough customers.
I can't say I'm surprised. The last I heard these places cost over five hundred pounds per week per resident. Who can afford that amount of money? Does it really cost over five hundred pounds a week to house someone? It don't cost that to house me at home.

I can remember many years ago a friend's father being very verbal on the entire concept of nursing homes; being convinced they were a way to make easy money. Eventually this chap scraped together enough money to buy himself a larger house with a couple of spare bedrooms, and he took on two elderly people. Within a few short years the chap was running a nursing home the size of a small mansion. He was always good to his ladies and his gentlemen, but made no secret that he was in it for the money.
There used to be lots of money to be made from nursing homes. Is there still? Another example of the credit crunch in action perhaps? Or is it something else? I have instructed both fruits of my loin that I don't want anyone throwing good money down the toilet to keep me in such a place should the time come.

So to work where I had a relatively good day. I try not to mention work much these days; some days are better than others. Today was one of the better ones. And having done my bit I came home again.

I had a message from one of my loyal readers. Regular readers of this drivel may recall some squabbling a few months ago about the politics of Teston kite festival. It may be that events overtake plans. There would seem to be serious development works going on at Teston Bridge picnic site with the lock being refurbished. For all that the work is due to be finished next month I wonder if we will be able to set up camp there this year?

Once home I found our house guest was already in residence. The most recent fruit of my loin is on holiday in foreign climes and the Rear Admiral is off potting black so Sid had come up for a sleepover with Fudge. Sid's a sweet little dog really. Quite the little softie. Rather tame in comparison with Fudge, but that's in no way a bad thing. So far Sid has spent much of the evening being my second shadow whist Fudge looks on from the sofa with something of a supercilious air.

I wonder how Sid will cope overnight without his mummy? He's already crapped on the carpet once...

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