3 April 2013 (Wednesday) - Milatary Debris

With my phone card having died last night I decided to replace it there and then. We went to Asda at 11pm. The place now offers free wi-fi. What is that all about? I thought you were supposed to go there to do your shopping, not muck about on the Internet. It's not as if there's a coffee shop or cafe in there.
We soon found the card I needed, priced up at four pounds. I was quite impressed by that. I wasn't so impressed when we ran it through the till and got charged nine pounds. I had a whinge, but to no avail.
Once home I then spent two hours copying back all the sounds and music that had been lost when the old card went west, re-downloading maps for hunting plastic boxes and putting the phone back to how I want it. I like customised ring tones. That way I know who's phoning me. Even if it does take an age to set up.

I was expecting "Daddies Little Angel TM" to visit this morning, but she was a no-show. So I took Fudge round the block. As we walked I realised that these days I am finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between normal people speaking to friends using hands-free phone technology and nutters arguing with the voices in their heads. I have a theory that if they are brandishing a tin of Stella then they are probably talking to voices in their heads. But not always.
Once home I spent an hour clearing the undead out of NeverWinter until my Ham Street Lover arrived. We set off to find a newly hidden geocache, and after half an hour searching we gave up. We couldn't find it but we did find something interesting in a rather hidden spot,
It transpires that someone else found the cache two hours previously. Either what we found was an integral part of the cache, or we really failed utterly. I suspect failure on our part; much as I'd rather it wasn't.
I've since been reliably informed it was both...

We went on and caught up with Lisa and Earle and hunted out some more geocaches; actually finding these ones. Which was nice. We drove to some caches, found one which was all but buried, (which I am sure is against the rules) and walked some on half an hour's loop. The walk was interesting; going across Ministry of Defence land where we were admonished not to touch any military debris. I was hoping to find half a tank or an unexploded hand grenade. We actually found a rather lame hat. However being in camouflage material we assumed it had been dropped by a soldier and so counted as " military debris". As hats go it's not a bad one. I've brought it home as a trophy of the day.
The walk was soon over. It would have been good to have carried on caching for longer but a combination of bad knees and snow put paid to our plans.

And so home, where we were fobbed off with a couple of CHIMPS. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that the er indoors TM"-mobile was broken into a couple of days ago. At the time I said that it would be a waste of time telling the police because they wouldn't be interested. However my experience was based on the not-caring attitude of yesterday's rozzers. Today's old bill has a much more hands-on community-friendly attuitude as we found out this evening.
Against my better judgement we were persuaded to tell the police of the incident and today (two days later) two Police Community Support Officers, or CHIMPS (Can't Help In Most Police Situations) came to visit. Whilst there's something inherently satisfying in having fit uniformed women in the living room (in hi-vis jackets - woof!), they did very little other than blather platitudes and tell us what a good dog Fudge is.
I suppose this works for most of the public...

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