24 April 2013 (Wednesday) - This n That

Another early start. Fudge was fast asleep whan I came down. Late at night he takes himself off to his basket and we cover him over and tuck him in (!). I found him exactly as we'd left him last night. I gave him a stroke; he opened one eye, looked at me and closed it again. He doesn't seem to be a "morning dog"; it takes him a little while to get going in the morning. Mind you it takes most people a little while to get going at 5am.
This morning I had the last of the frootie-bix. I quite liked that stuff. It was a shame it came from Sainsbury's; I'm not rich enough to shop there regularly. I wonder if DLA has any other posh cereals she doesn't want (he speculated hopefully).

And so to work. It was a very foggy morning. Interestingly the radio's weather forecaster this morning started off with a summary of the current weather, and he said that the morning's fogs were restricted to a few patches in Devon. That bloke was on the case(!)

The morning's news was interesting. Apparently Britain is becoming a much less violent place, with violent crime and violence leading to hospital admission being on the decrease. That's good news in what can often be depressing times. So in order to redress the balance, one of NASA's rovers has drawn a rude picture on the Martian surface.
Meanwhile science is still at a loss to explain where all the anti-matter has gone, Perhaps whoever programmed the rover to draw pictures of willies might have had a hand in the matter (to coin a phrase).

Once at work I checked my emails. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that I spent quite a bit of money recently on a new car battery. Today it turns out that had I used the works discount scheme I could have saved money on that battery. Oh well. Such is life. And what is money for if not to squander foolishly.

At tea break I had a disappointment. I have several e-books on my phone. Last year I found an iffy web site from which I downloaded hundreds of e-books. I was just getting to the good part in the novel 2010 when the story stopped. What I thought was a copy of 2010 was actually a copy of the first third of 2010; stopping mid sentence a little way into the eighth chapter.
I suppose there is a moral in there somewhere.

And so home. My beloved was off at arky-ologee club. I've not been there for over a year what with the vagaries of my shift pattern. Do I miss it? I don't know. Some of the talks are interesting; some rather dull.
It would be nice to get along to a meeting at some stage for old time's sake...

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