11 April 2013 (Thursday) - Housework

I have often mentioned that God laughs when we make plans. Today was always going to be dull. So I'd resigned myself to using the day to get the housework done. Yesterday I'd got the lawn ready for mowing (at not inconsiderable effort) only to find that it had rained overnight and the grass was soaking wet. After a spot of brekkie I took wet laundry to the washing line to get it dry only to find it was still raining. The next job was Fudge's walk - which neither of us would enjoy in the rain. So I consulted the weather forecast (I know!) which predicted that the rain would have stopped by 10am. It was time for a judicious rethink of the day's plans. If I did the tip run and supermarket shopping first....?

So that's what I did. Round to the tip. At the moment Ashford has a temporary tip whilst the proper one is being refurbished. I had an old florescent light tube that I needed to get rid of. I asked the chap at the tip which bin it should go in. The twonk informed me that the "tip facilities are unable to process florescent light tubes at the present juncture until the new facilities are working down the road like". There's nothing quite like truly stupid people trying to sound official. I asked the idiot where I might find alternate facilities. He told me that "they can be found at most retail shops like supermarkets", so I stuck it in with the glass recycling at Sainsburys. I hope that was the right thing to do. If it wasn't then I'm sorry, but would it have hurt the council to have employed someone who might have been helpful.

Home, and I took Fudge for a walk. I'd had a report that one of the geocaches I'd hidden had gone. Two days ago I got a message "Cache had been destroyed. Found the remnants and disposed of". Today we went to have a look-see. The cache was exactly where it was supposed to be. I wonder what that message was all about? Feeling flushed at having found that where it was supposed to be we went down to Park Farm to look for a cache that Lisa had hidden a week ago, and completely failed to find it. And so we came home. As we walked so I noticed that I'd developed a blister.

A spot of lunch, and seeing that the lawn was still too wet for mowing I attacked the ironing. There was a lot of it. As I ironed I watched a film I'd recorded onto the Sky-Plus box. I've always been a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, but I was disappointed. "Contagion" was probably one of the worst films I've ever seen. I don't know why, but I watched it to the bitter end. I wish I hadn't. With that over I resorted to Babylon 5 DVDs to keep me amused whilst I finished the ironing. And with undercrackers and socks sorted I then stitched up the hole that I'd ripped into my troosers last week, before tidying up and hoovering round. Hoovering with a Dyson.

Some days are dull. Today wasn't riveting, but I didn't have time to get bored...

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